I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be taking a little break from this blog. It shouldn’t be TOO long. I just got Ambitions and I’ve become really immersed in the families I’ve created in Twinbrook and really want to just take some time off so I can play just for the sake of playing something I enjoy. I love the Charms, but I get tired sometimes when I think “Oh I have to get Morgan to a Young Adult today,” or “I have to write this chapter and post it by the end of the day.” Sometimes, I like to take some time off and just play for my own enjoyment without worrying about having to take screenshots and document everything.

So the Charms aren’t dead. The author is just a bit tired and wanting to take a bit of time to play on her own terms.

Please keep in touch via the forum. I’m still very much active there and love talking to the readers who visit and say hi.

Happy Simming and the Charms will be back soon!


Suddenly, Amy felt very alone in that big old house. She had grown accustomed to seeing Malcolm about the house, cleaning or cooking. She’d found comfort in talking to her round belly, hoping the baby inside could hear her. Now they were both gone.


Morgan and Savannah continued to hide their relationship from everyone. It wasn’t that they were ashamed of being together; they just weren’t quite ready to deal with the paparazzi invading their privacy and the increased bullying at school quite yet. They decided that they’d reveal themselves as a couple when it felt right to them.


“MALCOLM! MY BACK HURTS!” Amy shrieked down the stairs. Malcolm sighed and looked around at the dirty kitchen. She’d be furious if she saw the room anything less than spotless, but she was truly frightening when she called for him and he didn’t jump to run and do her bidding.


The first thing Stephan did when he officially turned into a teenager was sweep Rosalinda off her feet and give her a very enthusiastic kiss, which left her breathless and giggling. “What was that for?” she laughed, blushing furiously. Stephan shrugged and put an arm around her.

“I like you, I’m pretty sure you like me, so what’s the problem?” he asked with an overly-confident grin. Rosalinda shook her head but she was still smiling.


“Guys, get up! You’re going to be late for school and I am NOT paying for a taxi to take you there!” Roxie hollered. Sean stumbled out of his and Roxie’s room, grumbling.

“Did you really have to wake me up, too?” he complained. “It’s so early!”

“You could help me get them out the door, you know,” Roxie snapped. “Here. Make Sarah’s lunch. I have Stephan’s finished. Don’t give her any tomatoes on her sandwich. She hates tomatoes.” Roxie banged on her kids’ doors. “I mean it! Out here in two minutes or I’m dragging you out by your hair!”


Both Sean and Roxie were right to be afraid of having toddlers. If they thought the twins were demanding before, it was nothing compared to all the attention they needed now. The two of them were always crawling all over the cramped shack and getting into all kinds of messes, and now when they were hungry or tired or had a dirty diaper, they didn’t cry… they screamed at the top of their lungs! Roxie and Sean were so busy all the time, they didn’t even have time to fight with each other.