I’ve noticed a lot of people have trouble telling which Sim is related to who as the generations start to grow and become more complex. It makes for a very difficult time reading and a lot of people just become so frustrated and confused that they give up bothering to follow the story any longer.

I decided to make a family tree for the families in each of my challenges and stories in order to keep this from happening. If you ever become confused as to how two Sims are related, just check back here to find out.

Underneath each family tree is a link to that family’s encyclopedia. This is a list of all the deceased family members’ traits and lifetime wishes. Of course, I won’t reveal the traits or lifetime wishes of any living family members; it would take all the fun out of you guessing them for yourself through reading the story.

Family Trees

The Charm Family Tree
>>  >>  >> The Charm Encyclopedia

The Messovitch Family Tree
>>  >>  >> The Messovitch Encyclopedia

The Burnum Family Tree
>>  >>  >> The Burnum Encyclopedia – UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The Femme Brutality Info

– – – – – – – – – –

Family Tree Tutorial for Beginners!

Tiari has been so kind as to create a Family Tree Photoshop Tutorial for me so I could create and edit my own family trees from now on. I was so impressed with her work that I asked her permission to post this guide elsewhere so others can benefit from it, which she granted.

The guide is suitable for beginners and contains screenshots and examples for every step. The tutorial was made with Photoshop 7, but I have CS4 and was able to follow this tutorial with relative ease, so you should be able to follow this tutorial with any version of Photoshop.

Please don’t forget to visit Tiari’s blog at http://royal-hours.net/sims/

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