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guess whos back v2

Guess who’s back? Back again? The Charms are back! Tell a friend! Nanananananana…

No, this isn’t a joke or some horrible attempt at a cruel prank, I would never do that to you guys. That would be awful. It’s been four years but The Charm Legacy is coming back, revived and stronger than ever!

About a year ago or so, I was poking around my old laptop which kinda sorta still works… ish, and came across an old Charm save on that computer. My heart skipped a beat but I reminded myself not to get too excited. The file was probably too corrupted to salvage or it was a save that was way too old to be usable for a continuation, so I just made a mental note to check it out sometime later and left it alone. Then when I remembered I still had that file and went back to locate it again, I couldn’t find it. I told myself it was probably for the best; the Charms had been gone a long time, most of the regular readers had since left the Simming community and probably had forgotten all about the Charms by now and the save file was probably unsalvageable, anyway. I forgot about it for another year until recently when just on a whim, I decided to poke around my old computer again to see if I could find it, not really knowing what I was going to do with it. I just wanted to check it out, maybe get some closure because I feel like I never really had any for the Charms and four years later, that still kind of hurts a little bit.

I transferred the file over to my new computer and loaded up the game. Miraculously, it was a recent save with Morgan, Savannah, Miraj, William and Johnathan all at the same ages they were when the legacy was discontinued and apart from everyone looking really stupid because I don’t have any of the old CC that I used to, the file looked… well, normal! I was ecstatic and in disbelief at my good fortune because I have NEVER had good luck with this family. I knew what I had to do. I knew this was some kind of sign from the Simming gods that the Charms were meant to finish their story properly. I knew I needed to revive this legacy.

Just because I’m insanely paranoid after all the other problems I had, I took the family out of that Sunset Valley and put them in a brand new Sunset Valley. Again. I knew this meant there’d be a lot of old, dead characters walking around which is yes, a bit weird, but not nearly as devastating as losing the file again due to a glitched town would be. I wanted to play it safe. In fact, I played it so safe that I even got rid of the old house for fear of there being some kind of bug in it and downloaded a new house that was CC free for them to live in. I gave everyone makeovers that looked as close to their original looks as possible without using CC, too. My game actually has very little CC in it at all now but with all the expansions, stuff packs and Store content available now that weren’t around back when the Charms were still here, it doesn’t bother me at all.

I also brought over one other household with the last name Charm assuming they’re probably extended family. Not sure how they’re related yet, they were basically related to the whole town by generation five, but at least some extended family is coming back. Couldn’t salvage everyone, but I’m not too upset about it. I’m just counting my blessings and being thankful I still have the legacy household.

So that long explanation aside, after four years, The Charm Legacy is continuing. It’s a dream come true for me. I’m so excited to be able to tell their story again and I hope you are, too!

Happy Simming!


I know everyone was waiting on new updates during the summer and never got them. I’m so, so sorry about that. ): My uncle ended up keeping my laptop all summer and it never got fixed.

My parents bought me a new laptop just recently that plays The Sims 3 amazingly well (though I haven’t tried installing any expansions or stuff packs, yet) but I lost everything I had for all my other challenges I was blogging and playing about. Unfortunately, that means I’ll have to discontinue this blog, as sad as it makes me.

HOWEVER; I will not be gone for good! I’ll be making a brand new, fresh blog where I’ll play new challenges for you guys. I like playing challenges and blogging about them and I think a completely fresh start is a good way to start up that again. I will NOT be using any mods or CC this time around. It caused so many problems and took up so much space on my computer. Just vanilla flavour, but I hope you guys will still enjoy reading my challenges, anyway.

Here’s the link to the new blog: http://newreflections11.wordpress.com/

I’m sorry, but I hope you guys are still excited to read my new challenges.

(P.S: Who’s excited for Pets?! OMG HORSES! <3333)

Hey you guys!

I am super excited to be coming back in May with brand new updates and to celebrate, the forum’s undergone some changes. It has a beautiful new skin created by our newest staff member, K’rinllend’hry (you can just call her Rin for short). She’s a wonderful friend of mine and she’s going to be helping keep the place all neat and tidy! Hooray! Stop by and say hello to her!

The forum also has a new forum games board for you to enjoy when you just want to hang out and chat and be silly.

To get all the newest updates, follow Reflections on Twitter and Facebook!

Hope to see you guys there! I’ll be spending a lot of time there, anticipating May. 😉

I’m so touched that all of you have continued to show your support for my Sims blog even through this extremely long hiatus period where I left without warning.

The good news is I haven’t forgotten about this blog and I will continue to update the Charms. I am determined to finish this legacy. The bad news is, that won’t happen until May when I am officially out of school and on summer break. I went back to university this year and it’s been an amazing experience. I’m really happy here and finally feel like I belong somewhere and that I’m actually doing something productive with my life. As much as I love being in school again, it’s left me with no time to update the Charms or this blog at all, and although I love this blog, my school work comes first.

So sadly, no updates to my blog until the summer, but I will try and be active on the forums anyway. I’ve been out of the Simming scene for a while and would love to get caught up on all the latest Sims community news from you guys.



So I haven’t forgotten about this blog and I still check up on it regularly. I had planned to get back to updating it at the beginning of July, and I have about a quarter of a chapter written, but I’ve hit such horrendous writers’ block.

Every time I try to hunker down and write, I end up staring at this page of text for an hour and getting down maybe a sentence, deleting more than I write. It’s awful. I know what needs to happen in the chapter, I just don’t know how to get it out. It’s so frustrating.

Anyway, I’m still around. Just struggling to finish this next chapter. I hope you guys aren’t too mad at me for neglecting it for so long. I’m trying.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be taking a little break from this blog. It shouldn’t be TOO long. I just got Ambitions and I’ve become really immersed in the families I’ve created in Twinbrook and really want to just take some time off so I can play just for the sake of playing something I enjoy. I love the Charms, but I get tired sometimes when I think “Oh I have to get Morgan to a Young Adult today,” or “I have to write this chapter and post it by the end of the day.” Sometimes, I like to take some time off and just play for my own enjoyment without worrying about having to take screenshots and document everything.

So the Charms aren’t dead. The author is just a bit tired and wanting to take a bit of time to play on her own terms.

Please keep in touch via the forum. I’m still very much active there and love talking to the readers who visit and say hi.

Happy Simming and the Charms will be back soon!

Well it’s been another long absence. Since my rather rough breakup roughly eight months ago, I’ve been struggling with bouts of… lethargic states, we’ll say. I hate calling it depression. Too many people think that because they get sad a lot, they “suffer from depression” and try to make excuses for their lack of interest in anything through that.

I’m just recovering from a bad breakup, is all, but it has interfered with a lot of my hobbies/obsessions that I enjoy, such as this blog.

Anyway, at least you have an explanation. I miss the Charms as I’m sure you do, too, and will be continuing their story soon-ish (give me some time to get all my old CC back after game problems, play the game, come up with a new plot and write it out).

Out of curiosity, I’d like to see how many people still check this blog so if you read this post, whether you’re a lurker or a commenter, a new or old reader, post a comment here. If you’re a lurker who doesn’t like posting publicly, just put a smiley face or something. I just want to get a feel for how many people still come here to check for updates.

Happy Simming!

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