Custom Content Downloads


I was recently forced to install patch 1.4 on my game after having to reinstall my game, much to my dismay, because that meant I had to give up my beloved Indie Stone. I’d heard horror stories about the new patch completely wiping out people’s games and I immediately backed up all my save files before installing the new patch.

I got a request to upload a newer version of the Charm household and lot with Margaret in it, so I obliged.

WARNING: Seeing this newer upload will give away some spoilers. I’m much father ahead in my game than my blog.




So I finally pulled my addled brain together long enough to create a piece of custom clothing for TS3. It’s my first retexture, so it’s a little rough, but I think it turned out very nicely for my first try.

This strapless top with ribbon has two recolourable areas: the top itself and the ribbon and trim at the top of the shirt. It’s for teen to elder females. It’s enabled for Everyday, Formal and Swimwear categories and SHOULD be valid for maternity wear (but please test this to make sure as I haven’t, yet) and comes in three default designs: Lusty Night, Violet Elegance and Sunshine Fun.



Here is the famous Charm Manor, complete with the entire Charm family and ready for you to download into your game to have for yourself.

The vast estate boasts an impressive seven bedrooms and three bathrooms, with large gardens, spacious rooms complete with marble flooring and archways in the main foyer and a lovely garden patio at the back of the property, overlooking Sunset Valley’s breathtaking cliffs and ocean beyond.


Set 1: The Inner Scouts



Set 1: Angelica, Susie, Tommy and Dill