The Coin Legacy

Sean realized he needed friends and money fast. The next day, he stopped by the library to brush up on his charisma skills. He didn’t particularly care for reading, but he did care for having lots of wealthy, powerful friends, so he hunkered down and took some tips out of the book.

His first day of work yielded little pay and a lot of fatigue. Sean went home in a foul mood. I hate working! Why bother busting my ass all day just to make a measly hundred bucks on pay day? It’s not worth it! I’m better than this!


Sean figured he could sit here and cry and call his father to beg him to let him come home, but something stopped him. The thought of admitting defeat to his father made Sean’s stomach turn. He’d just prove that he was nothing more than a spoiled little rich kid who could only function by spending Daddy’s money. No, I’m going to show him! I’m going to show him that I can become as rich as him on my own! I’m Sean Coin! I’m smart, handsome, sophisticated, and soon I’ll be wealthier than my father!


Just another unfinished story I’m moving here. It’s a patriarchy legacy challenge. Feel free to read and comment, but it won’t be updated until the Charms are finished. This story’s a bit more adult than my others, but I’ve censored screenshots so it shouldn’t be too bad. If you’re younger than 14, I wouldn’t recommend reading it, though.

“You’re what?!?” Sean roared, furious at his father. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him!

“You heard me, Sean. I’m cutting you off. No more free rides through life,” his father replied, ever the composed, put-together man that he was. “You’re eighteen now, son. You’re a man now, and it’s time you started to grow up and act like one.”


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