The Charm Legacy

guess whos back v2

Guess who’s back? Back again? The Charms are back! Tell a friend! Nanananananana…

No, this isn’t a joke or some horrible attempt at a cruel prank, I would never do that to you guys. That would be awful. It’s been four years but The Charm Legacy is coming back, revived and stronger than ever!

About a year ago or so, I was poking around my old laptop which kinda sorta still works… ish, and came across an old Charm save on that computer. My heart skipped a beat but I reminded myself not to get too excited. The file was probably too corrupted to salvage or it was a save that was way too old to be usable for a continuation, so I just made a mental note to check it out sometime later and left it alone. Then when I remembered I still had that file and went back to locate it again, I couldn’t find it. I told myself it was probably for the best; the Charms had been gone a long time, most of the regular readers had since left the Simming community and probably had forgotten all about the Charms by now and the save file was probably unsalvageable, anyway. I forgot about it for another year until recently when just on a whim, I decided to poke around my old computer again to see if I could find it, not really knowing what I was going to do with it. I just wanted to check it out, maybe get some closure because I feel like I never really had any for the Charms and four years later, that still kind of hurts a little bit.

I transferred the file over to my new computer and loaded up the game. Miraculously, it was a recent save with Morgan, Savannah, Miraj, William and Johnathan all at the same ages they were when the legacy was discontinued and apart from everyone looking really stupid because I don’t have any of the old CC that I used to, the file looked… well, normal! I was ecstatic and in disbelief at my good fortune because I have NEVER had good luck with this family. I knew what I had to do. I knew this was some kind of sign from the Simming gods that the Charms were meant to finish their story properly. I knew I needed to revive this legacy.

Just because I’m insanely paranoid after all the other problems I had, I took the family out of that Sunset Valley and put them in a brand new Sunset Valley. Again. I knew this meant there’d be a lot of old, dead characters walking around which is yes, a bit weird, but not nearly as devastating as losing the file again due to a glitched town would be. I wanted to play it safe. In fact, I played it so safe that I even got rid of the old house for fear of there being some kind of bug in it and downloaded a new house that was CC free for them to live in. I gave everyone makeovers that looked as close to their original looks as possible without using CC, too. My game actually has very little CC in it at all now but with all the expansions, stuff packs and Store content available now that weren’t around back when the Charms were still here, it doesn’t bother me at all.

I also brought over one other household with the last name Charm assuming they’re probably extended family. Not sure how they’re related yet, they were basically related to the whole town by generation five, but at least some extended family is coming back. Couldn’t salvage everyone, but I’m not too upset about it. I’m just counting my blessings and being thankful I still have the legacy household.

So that long explanation aside, after four years, The Charm Legacy is continuing. It’s a dream come true for me. I’m so excited to be able to tell their story again and I hope you are, too!

Happy Simming!


“So are you excited for the new baby, William?” Margaret asked her son at the breakfast table one morning. Margaret was now in her third trimester and her belly was quite round and large. She had been having some complications with this pregnancy and so everyone was tense. Margaret’s live-in nurse helped her up and down the stairs and made sure she didn’t spend too much time up and about.


Morgan and Savannah continued to hide their relationship from everyone. It wasn’t that they were ashamed of being together; they just weren’t quite ready to deal with the paparazzi invading their privacy and the increased bullying at school quite yet. They decided that they’d reveal themselves as a couple when it felt right to them.


The plane started a slow descent over the lush rolling hills and weathered cottages of Champs Le Sims. Savannah, who had the window seat, snapped pictures of the landscape from the plane with a huge grin on her face. “I never thought I’d ever be able to see things like this…” Savannah muttered in awe. “I thought my biggest vacation would be a weekend in Riverview, and that place is so boring, anyway. There’s more cows than people,” she said, which made Morgan laugh.

“Well, you’re in France now. Get used to the feeling,” she signed with a smile.


Morgan flushed the toilet as she watched the dinner she had just eaten disappear down the plumbing. Her gut twisted uncomfortably. She hadn’t meant to vomit up her food tonight. It had just happened. In fact, Morgan could no longer keep any food down for longer than a few minutes anymore. Her body had become so used to heaving up whatever she put into it that she couldn’t control when she threw up anymore. Whether she wanted to or not, Morgan was throwing up every single meal she ate.


Margaret took a deep breath and looked in her mirror, fixing up the delicate strand of pearls accenting her graceful upswept locks. She bit her lip nervously, her heart hammering, but her eyes were sparkling with joy. A hand on her shoulder made her turn around. “You look so beautiful, Mom,” Morgan signed to her mother, smiling. Margaret hugged her.


“So how is your boyfriend… Shannon, is it?” Matilda asked her daughter one night after Margaret sent Morgan to bed. Margaret shrugged.

“No idea. Haven’t seen him in a week,” she replied, munching on a cookie while reading a gardening book for her work. Matilda frowned.

“Are you bothered by that?” she asked. Margaret looked up with a slight frown.

“Actually, I didn’t even really notice he wasn’t around until you asked me about him just now,” she admitted, biting her lower lip. Matilda raised an eyebrow.


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