The Burnum Diary


I haven’t written in this diary for a long time. Things have gotten very busy, but I know I need to keep documenting my experiences here so others will know what happened and what it was like to live through the Apocalypse. I can’t allow myself to abandon this diary completely. The girls are quietly reading the chapters I’ve assigned them on their beds, so I have a rare moment of peace, but let me rewind a few years:




Kala and Kaiya are getting worse. I just don’t know what to do. I keep scrubbing every inch of this place, along with Sherman, but both of them have started to become wheezy. They’re just babies and they’re rasping like they’re eighty year-olds. I’m scared. What if their little bodies can’t fight off their infections? Sherman’s been tending to them. He’s been promoted to Medical Intern so he knows a lot more about health than I do.


Day 15


Today has probably been the craziest day I’ve had since coming back home after the apocalypse. A week ago, if you had told me that I would be bunking with my boss, I would have laughed my ass off, but Sherman is really lying in the bed next to mine, sleeping. (more…)

Day 8


I slept in today. It’s my day off and I needed the rest. My face is swollen from the beating those bastards gave me yesterday. Every wound stings painfully and I’m sure the bruises are probably a bright purple. I think some of the bruises might be filled with pus; it wouldn’t surprise me if they were infected, but I don’t want to risk draining the boils with an unsanitary needle and infecting them more. I’ll just try to keep it as clean as possible and hope for the best. I’m actually kind of glad I don’t have a mirror to see myself in. I’d probably scare myself and I don’t scare easy.


Day 2


I woke up at 5:00am this morning. Or rather, I opened my eyes at 5:00am this morning and got out of bed. I never really slept. Every small noise in the night made my ears go on high alert for someone trying to break through the door. I had nightmares of looters taking what little I had and killing me in the process, just like they killed my family, or rapists grabbing me in my sleep while I was unprepared and defenseless. Both very real dangers now.


WARNING: This challenge contains disturbing scenes and mature subject matter. Rated T for teen, but may change to M for mature later on. Reader’s discretion is strongly advised!

– – – – – – – – – –


It’s the end of the world and I am utterly, frighteningly alone…

This diary is the only thing I have to keep me sane; to help me keep track of the days. Maybe one day, if this dark time ever ends, people will stumble across it and know that this was real. The apocalypse happened and one survivor wrote it down on paper.