I know everyone was waiting on new updates during the summer and never got them. I’m so, so sorry about that. ): My uncle ended up keeping my laptop all summer and it never got fixed.

My parents bought me a new laptop just recently that plays The Sims 3 amazingly well (though I haven’t tried installing any expansions or stuff packs, yet) but I lost everything I had for all my other challenges I was blogging and playing about. Unfortunately, that means I’ll have to discontinue this blog, as sad as it makes me.

HOWEVER; I will not be gone for good! I’ll be making a brand new, fresh blog where I’ll play new challenges for you guys. I like playing challenges and blogging about them and I think a completely fresh start is a good way to start up that again. I will NOT be using any mods or CC this time around. It caused so many problems and took up so much space on my computer. Just vanilla flavour, but I hope you guys will still enjoy reading my challenges, anyway.

Here’s the link to the new blog: http://newreflections11.wordpress.com/

I’m sorry, but I hope you guys are still excited to read my new challenges.

(P.S: Who’s excited for Pets?! OMG HORSES! <3333)