This is William's new bedroom. Creepy and depressing, just like him.

Morgan congratulating Miraj on a promotion I couldn't fit into the chapter.

A shot of William looking thoroughly unimpressed with life.

Another scene I couldn't fit into the chapter. Morgan was going to sit outside on the pool patio, remembering her birthday party and how alive and happy her mother had been that day.


Another close-up of Savannah. ISN'T SHE GORGEOUS?!?

A shot of William when he found out his mom died that I couldn't fit in the chapter. Poor kid.


  1. Yes, I killed Margaret deliberately. It was one of those gut-wrenching feelings authors sometimes get that insist “This has to happen, no matter how painful it is!” I followed what my writer’s gut told me to do because it’s never failed me before, but boy was I sad for a long time afterward. I think I was probably just as depressed as my Sims. I loved Margaret. It’s just as well, I suppose. I needed room in the house anyway to move in Savannah and start adding to her and Morgan’s family. Savannah has a LTW to raise five children, so I expect Charm Manor will end up getting reaaalllyy crowded. *shudders*
  2. I LOVE Savannah’s YA makeover! Just had to throw that out there, heh heh.
  3. Sorry for the longer-than-expected break. The biggest reason was because I’ve been busy with my roleplaying forum, Roleplay Fever (RPF). I’ve had it since ’07, but just recently revived it. It’s still inactive and needs literate roleplayers as members to help get it active again, so stop by and make an account if you’re interested. I’d really appreciate any publicity you guys can shine on it, so feel free to Twitter, Facebook and blog away about it if you want. Oh and yes, RPF does have a brand new Sims roleplay. *wink*
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