I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be taking a little break from this blog. It shouldn’t be TOO long. I just got Ambitions and I’ve become really immersed in the families I’ve created in Twinbrook and really want to just take some time off so I can play just for the sake of playing something I enjoy. I love the Charms, but I get tired sometimes when I think “Oh I have to get Morgan to a Young Adult today,” or “I have to write this chapter and post it by the end of the day.” Sometimes, I like to take some time off and just play for my own enjoyment without worrying about having to take screenshots and document everything.

So the Charms aren’t dead. The author is just a bit tired and wanting to take a bit of time to play on her own terms.

Please keep in touch via the forum. I’m still very much active there and love talking to the readers who visit and say hi.

Happy Simming and the Charms will be back soon!