1. Stephan’s kind of an ass, yeah, but he’s not quite as bad as his father… barely… maybe…
  2. I’m really tempted to just scrap the patriarchy thing, since Stephan has really crummy traits for an heir and Sarah is absolutely gorgeous as a YA (I’m ahead in my game) and will make better-looking kids. Oh well, I guess I’ll stick it out with Stephan, anyway. He might be interesting as the heir.
  3. I know the nudity gets pretty blatant in this chapter. I have censored all the nudity thus far and will continue to do so. I have also warned readers about more adult content in this story. If the censored pictures really are a big problem for a lot of readers, I’ll tone it down, but I like to think that those who read my blog are of a mature enough mindset to handle censored Sim-nudity.
  4. I was originally just going to have Stephan and Rosalinda date and have sex with no issues, but Rosalinda kept refusing Stephan’s requests for sex, no matter what mood she was in or how high their relationship was. I figured it fit with Stephan’s personality, anyway and included it.
  5. I deleted a bunch of Sims in my neighbourhood to get the population down to 50 and then made the max amount of Sims 70 through twallan’s mod. I also deleted Rose’s boyfriend at the time and for some reason, the game treated her as still being his girlfriend even though I totally annihilated him, so I did have to “cheat” with twallan’s mod to make her go steady with Stephan. They did have a high enough relationship and the “extremely irresistible” message, anyway, though.
  6. You may see one more chapter after this before I finish the Charms, or may not. It depends if I can find those screenshots again and if I feel like writing another chapter of this to catch up to my game. I may decide to just leave it alone entirely until I finish the Charms. I am SO eager to finish that legacy. It’s been going on FOREVER!