Both Sean and Roxie were right to be afraid of having toddlers. If they thought the twins were demanding before, it was nothing compared to all the attention they needed now. The two of them were always crawling all over the cramped shack and getting into all kinds of messes, and now when they were hungry or tired or had a dirty diaper, they didn’t cry… they screamed at the top of their lungs! Roxie and Sean were so busy all the time, they didn’t even have time to fight with each other.

Roxie and Sean tried their best to be good parents. Sometimes, they succeeded.

And sometimes they didn’t.

When they didn’t, Roxie would often break down in tears and scream that she couldn’t take them anymore and it would be Sean’s job to calm her down. Sean hated this. No one sat with him and hugged him and reassured him when he was feeling overwhelmed, after all!

Things only got worse after Roxie’s maternity leave ended and she started working again. There was no one to clean the house and the twins would make a mess of their potty and leave their toys lying around everywhere and all the plumbing and appliances were always filthy.

“Geeze, this place is a mess,” Sean complained when he came home from work one night. “I work my ass off for you and these kids all day and come home to a pigsty! And what the hell is Sarah doing sitting on the front lawn in her diaper? Dammit, Roxie, I can’t trust you with my own kids while I’m at work!” Roxie whirled around, furious.

“Just how am I supposed to look after both of them, go to work, and keep this place spotless, Sean?” she snapped. “Why don’t you try taking care of your own kids for a change and then tell me how fucking easy it is to be Mrs. Stepford Wife!”

“Daddy!” Stephan screamed just then, wailing his heart out. Sean picked him up and examined his son and frowned.

“Roxie, he’s got a bruise on his cheek. How the hell did that happen?”

“How the fuck should I know? He’s a toddler, Sean! He falls down a lot and gets bruises. The babysitter even says so,” she snapped. Sean frowned. He didn’t like that babysitter. The twins were always crying when he came home. She said it was because they missed her and didn’t want her to leave, but Sean didn’t think so. They always stopped crying as soon as he snuggled them and gave them their bottles. They got fussy again when they knew the babysitter was coming.

“I’m putting them to bed. They look tired,” Sean muttered, not really in the mood to get into another screaming match with Roxie.