The first thing Sean did the next morning was call up Roxie to come over. “Sure. I’ll be over in a bit,” she told him. Sean bounded around his lot, brushing his teeth, showering, eating a quick meal and getting dressed before Roxie came over. He even made his own bed. The ladies appreciate being romanced on a nice bed, he reasoned with himself.

Roxie showed up soon after. “Uh… this is your uhm… house?” she asked, obviously trying to be polite. Sean put on his charm and put an arm around her shoulder.

“I like a man with ambition,” she teased. Her and Sean continued to flirt until Sean couldn’t wait any longer. He wrapped his arms around her waist and nodded to the bed.

“How about we get a bit more comfortable?” he asked her. He was sure she would hop right into bed with him. She was the town whore, after all, but to his shock, she shook her head and pulled away from him.

“Sorry, but I’d rather not. I’m still kind of dating this other guy, you know, and I already have a bad reputation in this town. I mean, no one likes being called a slut, right? Besides, your bed is sitting out in the open where everyone can see, and I’m just not into that.”

“Oh, uh… sure, no problem. We can just hang out and chill for a while,” Sean said smoothly, still smiling, but he was furious on the inside. How could she reject me? No one rejects me! It’s not like she’s saving her virginity or anything, anyway! What’s the big deal? When did this chick suddenly get all virtuous?

They continued to make out and flirt, but at the end of the day, Sean watched Roxie walk away without seeing her naked. Oh well, might just have been a bad day for her. I’ll just keep trying, he consoled his wounded ego. Chicks make no sense. One day they love you, the next day, they won’t talk to you. Go figure, he thought moodily to himself.

Sean continued to invite Roxie over and woo her, but time after time, he’d try to get her in bed with him and Roxie would refuse. When was this girl going to put out? Sean was getting really impatient and was about to just give up and find someone who’d spread her legs more easily when Roxie showed up at his place one morning, crying. Sean hugged her and let her sit on his bed. “Babe, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“My boyfriend George… he dumped me…” she wailed. “I knew it wouldn’t last, but I thought I’d be the one to dump him, you know? He was sweet and all. I didn’t want to move on that soon, but he found out I’ve been seeing you on the side and left. He called me a whore. I was living with him and my sister won’t take me back. We never got along. I have nowhere to go,” she sobbed. Sean saw his golden opportunity. Damsel In Distress needs a place to stay. Prince Charming (aka Sean) offers to let her stay with him. Damsel In Distress is so grateful, she repays him in the bedroom. It was perfect. It was always easier to screw vulnerable girls.

“Listen, Roxie, why don’t you stay with me for a while? I know neither of us are into the whole commitment thing, but you don’t need to stay forever, just until you get back on your feet, right?” he told her in his most sympathetic voice. Roxie sniffed and nodded.

“Yeah, just somewhere to sleep and eat until I can find a place, you know? Would you really let me stay with you?” she asked.

“Of course! I would never let a beautiful young lady like you wander the streets. Who knows what kind of sickos are out there,” he told her. Oh Sean, you are a master of convincing, he congratulated himself. He’d expressed both concern for her emotions and her safety. Women always fell for that trick.

Roxie flung her arms around Sean. “Oh thank you! You know, I have a bit of money from my job. We might be able to put up some more walls here,” she told him.

And just as Sean expected, she forked over a nice chunk of cash for him to build a house (well, more like a shack) and put his bed, fridge, toilet, sink and shower in it. She got a sexy makeover at his request and she also forked over what he’d been after since day one and Sean quickly discovered that the wait was worth it. Roxie was amazing in bed.

“Thank you so much, Sean. No one’s ever been so nice to me before,” Roxie whispered after they had exhausted themselves.