Sean realized he needed friends and money fast. The next day, he stopped by the library to brush up on his charisma skills. He didn’t particularly care for reading, but he did care for having lots of wealthy, powerful friends, so he hunkered down and took some tips out of the book.

His first day of work yielded little pay and a lot of fatigue. Sean went home in a foul mood. I hate working! Why bother busting my ass all day just to make a measly hundred bucks on pay day? It’s not worth it! I’m better than this!

However, the fact remained that Sean needed any and all the money he could get and mooching off the townsfolk hardly gave him enough to wipe his butt with, let alone pay his bills or build a house. Sean continued to suffer through the horrors of everyday work to bring home his pitiful amount of money. One thing was certain; Sean was much more reluctant to blow all his savings now that he had to break his back for every penny.

His job required him to work out and build up some athletic skill, so he hit the gym almost every day, though Sean was much more interested in admiring all the sweaty women dressed in skin-tight spandex than he was in exercising himself. Unfortunately, none of the women there seemed interested in spending the night with a homeless bum who mooched off of people on the street. It didn’t help that he was always smelly when he showed up to the gym. It was the only place he could shower.

Sean grumbled over both his sexual frustration and his regular frustrations while scrubbing dishes in the dingy sink he managed to purchase, attached to the other side of the one scrap of wall he had. “This is housekeeper work… I hate this. Who does their own chores? Unbelievable!” he muttered angrily. It didn’t help that the damn sink broke almost every time he used it. “Fucking piece of shit! I hate this stupid sink!” he’d roar every day, smashing random pipes with a wrench to beat it into submission. He had no idea how to fix anything, after all, and he didn’t have the money to call a repairman every time the sink broke.

In order to soothe his anger and indignation at the cruelty of the world he was being forced to live in, Sean took up painting as a hobby when he wasn’t at the gym. He remembered that his father had portraits of all the family members who had lived in the house displayed proudly in a special art room and he wanted to have the same thing in his big old mansion when he finally built one. It would truly show his importance. Not that he was really looking for a family. Kids and wives were way too much of a responsibility, but maybe he’d find a business partner or something who would take over the place when he died. That would be good.

One morning, Sean woke up to the sound of his brand new shower being delivered. He had scrounged and saved up all his money to buy a fridge and a shower so he could at least provide for his basic needs at “home”. It was only a cheap shower and fridge, but they were his and he loved them.

Feeling absolutely thrilled and refreshed after eating and showering right on his home lot (even if the food tasted awful and the water was cold), Sean decided it was finally time to get back into the dating scene. Not committed dating, of course, but there must be plenty of women wanting a night or two of fun with a handsome, hard-working man like him.

He tried his luck with a few girls in town, but they were all too proper for his liking. One girl started talking about kids and marriage after five minutes and Sean went running. He wanted absolutely none of that, ever. Why buy the cow when I can drink the milk for free? he told himself.

The last girl he tried was a pretty Asian woman by the name of Roxie Lin. He quickly found out that she was already taken, but thought he might still get lucky, anyway. Apparently, Roxie had no issues with loyalty. Within a couple hours, the two of them were making out in the middle of the park. She was a real turn-on. She was flirty, sexy and clearly unashamed of casual encounters with men. She was definitely his type. They exchanged numbers and promised to see each other again before Sean had to rush off to work.

Sean, my man, you are going to score with the hottest chick in this town! I knew you could do it! he thought to himself all throughout work. He’d call her tomorrow morning. She worked nights as a Lyricist. She probably gets paid good money to do that, too, he thought. Sex and money! What a deal!