Sean figured he could sit here and cry and call his father to beg him to let him come home, but something stopped him. The thought of admitting defeat to his father made Sean’s stomach turn. He’d just prove that he was nothing more than a spoiled little rich kid who could only function by spending Daddy’s money. No, I’m going to show him! I’m going to show him that I can become as rich as him on my own! I’m Sean Coin! I’m smart, handsome, sophisticated, and soon I’ll be wealthier than my father!

He walked in the door and flashed a very charismatic smile to the staff. “Hello there. I’m Sean Coin. I’d like a job here. A good one that pays well, if you please,” he demanded snottily. The staff burst into fits of laughter.

“Listen kid, I dunno who you think you are, but you can’t just waltz right in here with no resume or references or work experience and demand to be in the pro league,” a man snapped.

“You’ll have to start at the bottom of the ladder and work your way up like everyone else here did,” a woman informed him. “EVERYONE wants to be in the pro league, but only the best actually get there.”

I’m Sean Coin. Of course I’m the best. I’ll be a pro athlete in no time, he thought confidently to himself. “Fine. What’s the best job I can get?”

Sean walked out of the stadium, scowling. A Rabid Fan? How was that even a real job?!?

Sean went home and sat on his rickety old bed sitting in the middle of his massive lawn and sighed. He felt miserable. The only thing that would cheer him up at this point was a good party, but as far as he could tell, there were no night clubs in Riverview. Oh well, I’ll just throw the party myself, he thought. I’m charming enough for the guests to have a good time despite my living conditions. They should be honoured to be invited to my party at all, anyway.

Sean called up all his coworkers he met that day. He’d have to make a lot of friends in this town to be truly satisfied and fulfilled in this life. It would also help him advance his career and ultimately make more money.

As soon as his coworkers all started showing up, Sean leaped at his chance to scrounge some food off of his guests. He was starving, after all, and how else was a broke guy like him going to eat in this town?

While Sean sat on his toilet attached to the one little scrap of wall he owned, eating the bread and jam he mooched off his boss, he envisioned big things. I can really make this lot into a gleaming estate, he thought. I’ll have a nicer home than my father someday.

As the party drew to a close, everyone enthused about what a great party Sean threw. Of course I threw a great party. Why would I ever throw a lame one? I only need to show up to make the party a blast, he thought to himself with a smirk.

As he climbed into his bed and ended his first day in Riverview, Sean felt confident in his ability to make a name for himself in this town. All it would take was some more friends and money and he was well on his way to getting both of those. If only he had four walls around his bed… or his toilet, for that matter…