Just another unfinished story I’m moving here. It’s a patriarchy legacy challenge. Feel free to read and comment, but it won’t be updated until the Charms are finished. This story’s a bit more adult than my others, but I’ve censored screenshots so it shouldn’t be too bad. If you’re younger than 14, I wouldn’t recommend reading it, though.

“You’re what?!?” Sean roared, furious at his father. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him!

“You heard me, Sean. I’m cutting you off. No more free rides through life,” his father replied, ever the composed, put-together man that he was. “You’re eighteen now, son. You’re a man now, and it’s time you started to grow up and act like one.”

“You can’t do this!” Sean yelled, slamming his fist down on his father’s polished desk in his grand office overlooking the city of New York. “I’m Sean Coin! I’m the richest man in the country!” His father’s exp ression grew hard.

“No. You’re not. I’m the richest man in the country. You just happen to be my spoiled brat of a son who does nothing but leech off of me like a disease! I know it’s my fault for giving you everything you wanted as a child, but now I want to correct it. I want you out of my home by the end of the month and I want you to find a job and earn your own living. You need to learn how to value the money you throw away like candy wrappers every day! Maybe you’ll appreciate it more when you’re working hard for your own money.”

Sean scowled for a moment, but then stopped. Scowling gives you wrinkles. You’re too young and handsome to have wrinkles, he reminded himself. He smoothed out his expression and adjusted his tie on his expensive suit his father paid for. “Very well. I suppose it can’t be that hard. Lots of people do it. So when do I get my trust fund? I’d like to rent a penthouse somewhere near the downtown area where the nightclubs and restaurants are.” Sean’s father sighed and shook his head, wiping the self-assured smirk off his son’s face.

“Sean, don’t you get it? Don’t you understand what cut off means? You don’t get a trust fund. You don’t get anything except the clothes on your back and this little bit of money to get you started.” He pulled out his cheque book and scribbled out a cheque, handing it to Sean. Sean looked at it with disgust.

“Sixteen grand?!? That’s it? That’ll buy me an outhouse in this city!”

“Exactly. You can’t afford to stay in New York, but there are other places on this planet, you know. Places where sixteen grand would get you a nice little starter house… IF you spend it wisely,” he cautioned. “If you want to be as rich as me someday, you’re going to have to work for it like I did. I started off poorer than you. Don’t take this opportunity for granted.”

“Hmph! Some opportunity!” Sean scowled. “Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll be gone by the end of the month with your measly sixteen grand and you’ll never have to see me again!” he spat.

“Sean, don’t be like that!” his father called desperately after him, but it was too late. Sean had already stormed out of the office.

Exactly one month later, Sean Coin, formerly the richest man in the country, found himself standing on a huge vacant lot in the middle of a small town called Riverview. Sean, in his ignorance and inexperience, blew all his money on this barren piece of nothing in the middle of nowhere as soon as the real estate agent had said it was the biggest, most beautiful lot in town. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that the word “lot” meant exactly that; just an empty lot.

“Dammit!” he swore loudly, disturbing a flock of robins nesting in a nearby tree. “What the hell do I do now? My father would be laughing his ass off at me right now!”