The kids start going to school and Blair takes it upon himself to teach all three of his children how to study. Whenever the children ask Astra, she yells at them to go away. She’s gone on a health-kick recently and hates being disturbed when she’s exercising or researching Health and Fitness online.

As for the triplets, they all discover they have a passion for Sports and love to play catch with dad when he isn’t catching up on his sleep after the night shift. As for Blair, he’s gotten interested in Science recently, though his real passion is Sports, just like his kids.

All three kids get along and are best friends with both each other and their parents. Despite both Astra and Blair focusing on their jobs, the whole family is very close.

Well, Astra isn’t getting any younger. She had her children late in life and needed fertility drugs to even conceive them in the first place (both of those facts probably contributed to her having triplets). She’s been engaged to Blair for almost ten years now and she’s getting impatient. She begs Blair to finally tie the knot with her before she becomes a grandma. Blair is still as in love with Astra as he was back when he was a teenager, and they exchange rings in the front yard, dressed in their best clothes with smiles on their faces. Blair is officially a Winchester now.