You would think having triplet toddlers would spell disaster for even a team of experienced nannies, but Astra and Blair do a pretty impressive job of raising their children on a budget with only two of them to share the load of three babies.

The kids stay in their playpen 24/7, except when Astra and Blair put them in their cribs to sleep. The kids are perfectly content there with all their toys and Astra and Blair can keep an eye on them easily.

Of course, like any good parents, Astra and Blair do their best to teach all three of their precious little ones how to walk, talk and use the potty by themselves. Unfortunately, there’s just too many babies and too little time and only Brenda learns how to walk. They do get plenty of use out of their skill-building toys, however.

Even though Brenda, Bobby and Benjamin are behind on their learning, Mom and Dad do everything they can to ensure that their children are happy, healthy and fulfilled. They still take shift work. Blair’s depressed from staying home for so long, so he goes back to work, leaving Astra to care for the babies by herself, but Astra manages to handle the added burden pretty well. Still, there are stressful moments. It’s okay, Astra. Bobby’s just sleeping. No need to fret. Ah, new parents…

Now don’t go thinking Blair’s one of those guys who spends all his time working and doesn’t pay any attention to his kids, shoving them onto Mom’s hands. Every second he’s not working, Blair is helping to care for the little ones. All three toddlers are best friends with both Mommy and Daddy.

Nice zit, by the way, Blair.

Astra and Blair are super-smart parents. They manage to synchronize all three of the babies’ schedules so that they all wet their diapers, sleep, eat and play at the same time. This makes it much easier for both of them to keep their own needs satisfied because they have a schedule to work around. Unfortunately, their… intimate… needs go unsatisfied for a few years with three rugrats eating up all their spare time. They keep dreaming of the day when the children start school and they can officially get married and enjoy each other again.

Of course, having three children cooped up in a small, confined space all day leads to plenty of sibling rivalry. Bad Benjamin, making your poor sister cry! You know Mom and Dad always make sure there are enough bottles to go around!

The family’s living on a pretty tight budget. Astra and Blair certainly didn’t expect three children when they got pregnant and it’s put a strain on their funds, but they’re being smart with their money and managing okay; however, even they can forget to pay their bills when their kids are distracting them.

It’s not a total blow. They had a bit of money saved up which was plenty to replace the repossessed items and life chugged along smoothly.