This is Astra Winchester. She’s a Knowledge Sim with a Lifetime Aspiration to max out all seven skills. She decided it was time to leave her parents in Pleasantview and become a “truth-seeker” in Strangetown.

She hobbles together… some kind of living space. It has a few walls, anyway.

Unfortunately, it’s not closed in or roofed, so she’s forced to eat her meals in the rain. I just hope she can put a roof over her head before winter comes. I do not want my founder to freeze to death before ever producing an heir.

She gets a job in Science, but is fired on her first day for picking the red licorice over the blue (remind me to never gamble on a chance card again). She gets another job in the military. It’s not her passion, but the pay is pretty awesome. So awesome, in fact that she’s able to finish her tiny little house in time for winter.

Now that she’s earning some better money and has a decent little living space, it’s time to start looking for a mate. I’m too lazy to have her go downtown or wander around Strangetown, so I have her spy on walker-bys on the sidewalk. She meets a handsome (if not dorky) guy named Blair. He’ll do.

Ooops… he’s a teenager. I didn’t realize that until they went to kiss and he ended up kissing her neck instead of her mouth (yup… Inteen). Oh well, he has no parents to press charges against Astra, right? He moves in, and they get quite comfortable with each other. They’re able to add a small bedroom for themselves at the back of the shack with the $3, 000 Blair brings with him.

I have no Try for Baby option and no chime on my game, so all I can do is put Astra on fertility drugs and have them go at it like rabbits. Sure enough, she ends up with a bun in the oven.

Unfortunately, I was a little slow getting her to bed on time (seriously, a second sooner and she would have been fine… damn), and she lost the baby. She kept waking up with nightmares after the miscarriage, the poor thing. Despite being horribly depressed, I had her give another go with Blair… and another… and another… and another… and another… until I finally clue in that she’s pregnant again.

She makes it to the third trimester of this pregnancy with no problems and Blair seems pretty excited.

Er… very excited.

He even proposes to her, and she says yes.

Let’s not forget that Blair’s still in high school, so like any good fiance, she teaches him how to study… yeah, weird. I know.

The due date arrives and Astra gives birth to a bouncing baby boy…

and another boy…

and a girl…

Wow. Triplets. Well, she was pretty old by this point AND pumped full of fertility drugs, so it shouldn’t be a surprise (yes, I have TwoJeff’s Triplets & Quads mod, but I had no idea I was going to get triplets the first time I played with it. Those only have a 4% probability in my game).

So the babies are named Bobby, Benjamin and Brenda Winchester (I was SO tempted to name the boys Sam and Dean… let’s see if anyone knows what I’m talking about, heh heh).

Blair and Astra are going to be very busy.

That little shack will not hold three babies, so Blair and Astra tear everything down and rebuild. It’s not much, but it’s a comfortable living space for them and their children.

Shockingly, the babies are well-cared for by their parents, even with three of them to give equal attention to. Mom and Dad take shift work with them. Mom sleeps while Dad cares for the babies, then when Dad gets too tired, it’s Mom’s turn to get up and take care of the little ones while Dad sleeps.

The babies age into toddlers (I actually did have to really cheat for this one. Since there were three babies and only two Sims to Help With Birthday, the Sims got confused and just stood there idly. I had to age up the babies myself, but it was already their birthday, I promise!)

Mom and Dad aren’t stupid. They know three wandering toddlers are nothing but trouble, so they plop them in their playpen in the living room with all their toys. Confined children are safe children, after all. (Seriously, I don’t know how I ever managed to care for toddlers without this thing).

Now let’s see how Astra and Blair handle three screaming, fussy two year olds…