First and foremost, don’t panic or start a revolt, dedicated readers. This does not mean I’m abandoning the Charms. This challenge has already been completed and I thought it’d be nice to throw a chapter up in between Charm updates to give you a little more to read. It won’t interfere with the Charms at all since I’m already finished playing this challenge. This challenge is called The Chauvinist Challenge. It is another challenge for TS2 that was adapted for TS3 by me. The TS2 version was written by princessleia1987 at Boolprop forums. The TS2 rules can be found here and the TS3 rules that I’m using for this challenge can be found here. The TS3 rules are still being tweaked and added to.

WARNING: This challenge contains mature subject matter that some readers may find disturbing. Reader’s discretion is strongly advised.

On With The Show!

Amy Femme stepped out of the cab in Sunset Valley to admire her new home. She smiled with approval. This would do. A large modern-style home with floor-to-ceiling windows, an indoor pool, a large car port and five luxurious, spacious bedrooms. Plus a gorgeous view of the beach and ocean. Yes, this was suitable for someone of her class and taste.

Amy admired her new home for only a few moments. She was a very busy woman, after all. Amy hadn’t demanded her trust fund from her mother on her eighteenth birthday and bought this luxury home by the seaside just so she could sit around and do nothing in it. No, Amy had plans. Big plans. Plans that involved much suffering and despair. She got a twisted feeling of delight in her heart just thinking about it.

The first thing she did was head straight for the smallest bedroom in her large, beautiful house and call up contractors to come in and strip it of all the wallpaper, flooring and lighting, leaving only drywall and plywood. By the time Amy returned from her manicure at the spa, the room looked like more of a dungeon than anything else. Perfect, she cackled to herself. She furnished it with a prison cot, a flimsy wood nightstand with a single candle on it, a rusty shower and dingy toilet and a lawn chair in front of a static-y black and white television set. Enough to keep them alive and sane… barely… she grinned.

Amy was a woman of class. She had also just gotten her nails done and there was no way a classy, freshly manicured young lady such as herself was going to slave away in a kitchen like a common housewife, so Amy headed to the local diner for her meal that day. The Bistro was much more suited to the high-society rank Amy belonged to, but as much as she hated to admit it, Amy knew she would need to watch her spending if she wanted to keep that beautiful home of hers. I won’t need to worry about money for long if things go according to plan, she reminded herself, which made her feel better. Besides, she would be okay for now with the job she got as a Decoy for Sunset Valley’s gang of criminals. She was even willing to get sweat all over those pretty manicured nails of hers if it meant more money and the chance to rise in the gang’s ranks.

She heard talk at the diner of a very wealthy family called the Landgraabs who lived in Summerhill Court. They apparently owned a large portion of the town and had a fierce rivalry with their equally wealthy neighbours, the Altos. This was just the kind of family Amy was looking for. She was delighted to hear the Landgraabs had a son named Malcolm. Rich and hopefully handsome, she told herself. He’ll be mine before the week’s over.

Amy headed over there to introduce herself to the family with her charismatic charm and flirtatious mannerisms. I’ll have the parents eating out of my hand before the end of the day and their son’s heart in my clutches soon after. It’ll be perfect, she grinned wickedly to herself as she rang the doorbell.

The Landgraab mansion was a little too old-fashioned for Amy’s taste, but still very impressive and screamed wealth at every corner. Nancy and her husband Geoffrey were pleasant people who were all too happy to welcome a sweet innocent young lady like Amy to their town and Amy was all too willing to let them believe that of her. It was how she got away with anything she wanted. All she had to do was make those wide blue eyes well up with tears, toss her blonde hair back and bat her eyelashes and no one would dare believe that little harmless Amy Femme was capable of anything evil. What utter fools, she thought to herself. It’s so easy to manipulate them like puppets on strings.

Amy had been anticipating meeting the young man of the house but was taken aback when Nancy said her son still wasn’t home from school. School? Just how old is this “man”? Amy thought.

“Mom, I’m home! I caught a bug at recess but the teacher made me let it go again!” a little blonde boy gushed, running in the door. Amy’s eyebrows raised. This was Malcolm Landgraab? So much for reeling his heart into her clutches. He was just a child.

Amy was about to say goodbye and search for a more appropriate target, until Nancy insisted she stay for dinner and that’s when Amy found out over dinner conversation that they were in fact looking for a potential wife for their young son. Apparently in Sunset Valley, minors as young as fourteen could marry with written consent from their parents and Nancy and Geoffrey were old-fashioned people who believed in marrying young and getting a head-start on life. Amy was told that Malcolm wasn’t far-off from that age and they wanted to see him marry into wealth.

And that was how Amy Femme arranged a marriage between herself and the Landgraabs’ son.

Nancy and Geoffrey wanted their son to get to know Amy and become comfortable with her before marrying her, so Malcolm would visit Amy after school every day. While Amy didn’t mind children generally, she certainly did not want to be a babysitter to some rambunctious, obnoxious school-aged brat. Relax, Amy, it’s all part of the plan, she reminded herself. Besides, he cleans every time he comes over. It’s good training for him. After all, he’s going to be doing a lot of cleaning and cooking once he lives here, she reasoned with herself.

While Amy refused to engage in flirtatious conversation with a little boy of Malcolm’s age, she still knew how to win him over without crossing that delicate line. She would give him friendly hugs and chat away about books and world peace. Turns out Malcolm was a bit of a bookworm and much too goody-two-shoes for Amy’s liking, but that didn’t matter for her plan. He was rich and betrothed to her. That was all she needed. Amy was a very skilled conversationalist and knew how to butter up anyone with any personality.

On Malcolm’s fourteenth birthday, he showed up at her house much more mature than he had been previously and now it was time for Malcolm Landgraab to become Malcolm Femme. He certainly was nowhere near handsome, but that wasn’t important. It would have been nice, though, Amy sighed to herself.

Malcolm was all smiles and excitement, telling Amy how in love with her he was and what a beautiful life they would make together. Amy smiled back and agreed, but inwardly scowled. What a twit! Love? What does love have anything to do with this? Marriage is power and prestige and dominance and I’m going to show this lowly little man just who is the dominant one in this marriage! she sneered.