Margaret took a deep breath and looked in her mirror, fixing up the delicate strand of pearls accenting her graceful upswept locks. She bit her lip nervously, her heart hammering, but her eyes were sparkling with joy. A hand on her shoulder made her turn around. “You look so beautiful, Mom,” Morgan signed to her mother, smiling. Margaret hugged her.

“Thanks Honey, but… do you think I should be wearing white? I mean, only virgins are supposed to wear white at their wedding…” she sighed uncertainly. Morgan laughed.

“It’s your wedding. You can wear any colour you want. No one cares if you’re a virgin, anyway,” Morgan signed. Margaret grinned.

“You’re too wise to be my kid,” she said affectionately, kissing her on the forehead. “Where’s William?”

“I think Miraj is changing his diaper.”

“Okay, good. Poor baby, he hasn’t seen his mother all day,” Margaret sighed. “I’m going to go spend some time with him before the ceremony.”

Morgan walked downstairs where all the guests were. It was a very exciting day. The Charm heiress was getting married… a little late, sure, but it was still a grand affair. She smiled and waved politely at the reporters and news anchors and let them take a few pictures of her. She was used to it now. Her family was famous so she’d always grown up around the paparazzi. I bet Grandma isn’t happy they’re here, she thought, remembering Matilda’s hatred for the press. She had her hearing aid turned off for the wedding party. All the noise was just too much, so she was relying on her lip reading skills to converse and follow what was going on today.

“Morgan!” a voice shouted. Morgan jumped when a hand suddenly touched her shoulder, but smiled when she saw that it was just Savannah. “You scared me. I don’t have my hearing aid on. I couldn’t hear you,” Morgan signed to her.

“Sorry,” Savannah apologized before hugging her best friend. “I hate this. I look like a baby compared to you,” she complained. Morgan laughed.

“Your birthday’s tomorrow, remember? You’ll be as old as me soon,” she signed.

“I’m so happy for you, Margaret,” Juliana gushed, hugging her baby sister tight once the glowing bride had joined the wedding party after tending to her new baby. “Gosh, I still remember changing your diapers when you were a baby and now you’re all grown up with kids of your own and a husband and… I miss you so much even though we haven’t lived together in so many years…” she sobbed.

Margaret rolled her eyes at her sister’s overemotional display. “Mom, you cry over everything, I swear,” Rosemary sighed, walking over to them. Rosemary was now a legal adult at eighteen. Her little brother Jude would be turning thirteen soon and Julie wasn’t far off from Elderhood. Where did all the time go? Margaret thought sadly to herself. She missed the days when she and Julie would do their homework together and watch cartoons in their pajamas on Saturday mornings.

Margaret talked to the rest of her family to catch up on all the news. Her Uncle Parker was starting to heal from Aunt Katie’s death and had started dating a woman named Katherine, though they were taking things slow since Parker still missed Katie very much. Margaret didn’t think her uncle would ever really get over losing Katie.

Melinda showed up to the wedding, but Marina didn’t, which was just as well. Margaret still wanted nothing to do with her cousin and Marina was Miraj’s ex, so it was best that she wasn’t there. Melinda told Margaret that Marina and VJ split up after VJ kicked their son down the stairs and broke Marina’s nose. Luckily little Jordan recovered and was doing well without his father’s abusive influence. He just started elementary school. Melinda had moved out on her own with some friends from college, but Marina was struggling financially, so she and her son were still living with Parker.

Ellie had her baby at last. A little boy named Brannon. He was an adorable toddler now. Margaret thought Ellie and Gage would have their hands full with a toddler and a teenager in the house. Eva had just started high school. As for Ellie’s brother, Thomas, he was committed to a new girl named Marsha and things were looking good that Thomas would finally settle down with someone.

Margaret’s Great Uncle Josue was well over one hundred years old now and still on the police force, showing no signs of leaving this Earth anytime soon. This news made Matilda very happy. Margaret knew her grandmother and great uncle were always very close.

Margaret wished she could have stayed chatting with all her extended family for longer, but the day was wearing on and it was time for her to get married to the man she loved. Normally, the Charm heiresses would get married at the waterfall where Margaret’s Great Grandma Marylee got married, but Margaret hated the thought of getting married around all those bugs and creepy crawlies and pollen flying around everywhere, so she broke tradition by getting married at home.

The classical music started playing and Margaret met her husband-to-be in the dining room. Miraj’s whole face lit up when he saw his gorgeous bride walking towards him. “You look so beautiful,” he whispered to her when they were close enough to speak to each other. Margaret felt beautiful. She felt like a princess today and this was her fairy tale. The fact that her fairy tale was real made it all the more precious to her.

Matilda, Thaddeus and Juliana all cried during the ceremony. Matilda and Thaddeus were so happy to see their daughter finally get married. She deserved to get her perfect fairy tale romance after all that she’d been through. Margaret and Miraj exchanged rings and vowed to love one another for the rest of their lives before sealing their promise with a kiss. “I love you so much,” Miraj whispered in his wife’s ear.

“I love you, too,” Margaret smiled, looking positively radiant. Apart from the day she gave birth to her children, this was the happiest day of her life.

Charm Manor turned into the hottest party pad in town following the ceremony. People danced, ate, drank and laughed, the music blared long into the night and for the first time in a long time, Margaret was surrounded by nothing but love and happiness. It wasn’t until the bride started dozing off against her husband’s shoulder that Miraj announced the festivities at an end and thanked everyone for being a part of his wedding. “Let’s get you to bed,” he whispered in Margaret’s ear, lifting her up to carry her to their bedroom.

Before Margaret fell asleep nestled against her husband’s chest, the two of them celebrated their marriage in a more private way.

“You know,” Margaret yawned, beginning to doze again after they had made love several times and exhausted themselves. “I find it hard to believe that I’m going to live happily ever after,” she admitted. Miraj kissed her forehead.

“Why do you say that?”

“I don’t know… I just have so many amazing things in my life. Morgan, William, you, my parents and the rest of my family, my job, my fame as a Charm, but I still remember being a stupid little punk teenager running around on the streets and… I don’t think I deserve any of this sometimes…” she whispered. Miraj held her tighter.

“That was a long time ago. You’ve more than made up for your mistakes and everyone you love has long since forgiven you for them. One day, you’re going to have to forgive yourself, too,” he whispered back to her. “Goodnight. I love you.”