Well it’s been another long absence. Since my rather rough breakup roughly eight months ago, I’ve been struggling with bouts of… lethargic states, we’ll say. I hate calling it depression. Too many people think that because they get sad a lot, they “suffer from depression” and try to make excuses for their lack of interest in anything through that.

I’m just recovering from a bad breakup, is all, but it has interfered with a lot of my hobbies/obsessions that I enjoy, such as this blog.

Anyway, at least you have an explanation. I miss the Charms as I’m sure you do, too, and will be continuing their story soon-ish (give me some time to get all my old CC back after game problems, play the game, come up with a new plot and write it out).

Out of curiosity, I’d like to see how many people still check this blog so if you read this post, whether you’re a lurker or a commenter, a new or old reader, post a comment here. If you’re a lurker who doesn’t like posting publicly, just put a smiley face or something. I just want to get a feel for how many people still come here to check for updates.

Happy Simming!