Okay, everyone. I am SO sorry for going AWOL on you. I promised you I’d let you know if I ever decided to stop updating and look at what happened… I am so so sorry. Life has gotten brutal.

1. I left university and my parents hate me for it.
2. I couldn’t find a job in this recession to pay to go back to school.
3.  When I finally did get a job and things started looking up for me, the man I thought I was going to marry told me that he didn’t love me anymore and was leaving me.
4. I went into a depression and nearly starved myself to death. Seriously, all I did was lay in bed and cry 24/7. I didn’t eat or bathe or brush my teeth for almost a week.
5. I got caught up writing a novel.
6. Just after I finished writing the novel, my power cord broke for my laptop and I couldn’t afford a new one.
7. I’ve been without access to a computer for months now.

Yeah, so this blog kind of got lost within all of that crud. Oh and most of my friends barely talk to me anymore, because apparently they’re getting tired of hanging out with someone who’s depressed over losing the love of her life. Yeah… some supportive friends, huh?

ANYWAY… it’s been so long, I’ve completely forgotten what the heck happened in my game. Give me a chance to sort through it all and I’ll keep you all posted.