Last time we left off, Mary Sue moved out, the triplets grew into Teenagers, Cletus grew into a Young Adult and had a baby boy named Ignacio Ursine with a lady named Adrian Ursine, and Alice grew into an Adult. Cletus moved out of the house right after Ignacio came to live with them, taking Abby Jean with him. This leaves little ghost baby Ignacio to be raised by his aunt, uncles and cousins.

Now for the next installment:

Annabelle and Alli-Mae really miss their sister. After all, it just didn’t feel right to have their triplet separated from them after spending all those years together, doing and wearing the exact same thing. Luckily, the pain of losing their sister is eased by many after school visits to her and Uncle Cletus’ house and many homework sessions involving Abby Jean coming over. All three triplets are best friends, even though Abby Jean is rather mean and likes to make fun of her sisters.


Herman seems to be playing favourites with his children. He hates Abby Jean and Annabelle, but adores Alli-Mae. He and Alli-Mae are best friends, but he’s actually become enemies with Annabelle and he always fights with Abby Jean when she comes over. I guess he’s angry with Abby Jean for moving out and he didn’t agree with Alice’s decision to make Annabelle the next heiress. Oh well. The decision’s been made, Herman. There’s no use destroying your relationship with your daughter over it.



Herman celebrates a birthday and turns into an Elder. Congratulations, Herman! You’re the first person in this family to live to elderhood! Alice is in the background going “Oh my Goddess, you’re so old! I didn’t realize how much older than me you were until now! Holy cow!”


One day while Alli-Mae is making waffles, the stove catches fire. Being a coward like her mother, Annabelle throws her hands in the air and runs out of the house, where she faints on the front lawn. Yeah… she’s pretty useless. Spudnic runs over to panic, but he stands too close to the fire and catches fire himself! Soon, the flames have completely engulfed him. Alice is so horrified by the sight that she collapses to the floor, unconscious.


Herman soon runs over to panic, as well as Annabelle. There’s nothing they can do but watch in anguish as Spudnic falls to the ground, dead and burned to a crisp as the Grim Reaper comes for his soul. Meanwhile, the flames are getting dangerously close to Alice, who is lying unconscious on the ground. Luckily, Herman realizes his wife is in danger and drags her out of harm’s way. The fire eventually puts itself out, and the family receives insurance money to replace the damaged property, but they know they can never replace the one thing they want back the most… Spudnic Messovitch.


Just when it seemed as though things couldn’t get worse for the grieving family, tragedy strikes again in the form of a giant meteor shower speeding to Sunset Valley. The family got a call from the hospital, saying that the meteors hit the homes of all of their family, killing them instantly. Mary Sue, Cletus and Abby Jean were all dead. Even Adrian and her and Cletus’ second son, Cole Ursine was dead. Cole was just a toddler, too. It was heartbreaking news for the whole family, but especially Alice. All of her siblings were dead and so was her daughter.


Alice decides that they can no longer live in the house her mother built. There’s just too many painful memories lingering there, so she announces that she’s rebuilding the house from the ground up. They don’t have a lot of money, even after selling everything they own and bulldozing the whole house down, but Alice uses every cost-effective trick in the book to create a very nice home for her family. It’s a little on the small side, and is rather boxy looking, but the inside looks very nice and Alice even managed to stretch her family’s funds far enough to furnish the whole place.


The outside is just a big brick rectangle, but the boringness of the shape is offset by a nice front deck and strategically placed windows. The first floor is semi-open concept with the front door leading into the living area. There’s a half wall with a sort of diagonal entranceway to the kitchen and dining room, also serving as a visual division between the two. Tucked behind the stairs is a nice bathroom.


The second floor is just bedrooms and a second bathroom. There are three bedrooms in total, but all bedrooms can accommodate two or more Sims, so I’m pretty sure even eight Sims could live here semi-comfortably. Alice and Herman have the master bedroom, which faces the front of the house closest to the stairs. The second-largest bedroom beside the master bedroom is the bedroom that Annabelle and Alli-Mae share. The two of them have become inseparable since their sister’s death so I figured they’d like to share a room. The smallest bedroom at the back of the house is Ignacio’s room.


Alice even saved enough extra money to give her loved ones proper burials, rather than leaving them haphazardly strewn all over the front yard. If you look very closely, Spudnic’s ashes are feeding the flowers on his grave. His gravestone is the one to the far left.


Now that the family could heal in a brand new home, life started looking up for the Rochas. They generally kept the new house clean, they all got along better and they all seemed much happier. It looks like the new house became a completely fresh start for the Rochas.

With a brand new home from top to bottom, the family can move on and get over so many deaths in their family. Also, I won’t be driven crazy by constantly looking at a crappy house with crappy furniture.


Ignacio turns out to be a very boring baby and grows into a toddler, then a child, then a teenager almost unnoticed. Poor kid. It’s okay, Ignacio; I’ll pay attention to you again when you can get someone pregnant. I’m glad the social worker didn’t take him away. I got a warning saying that child protection services might take him from Alice and Herman because his social need was in the red. I had him go chat with his Aunt Alice right away and managed to avoid getting those precious three points docked from my score.




Annabelle and Alli-Mae are both failing school again. There’s nothing I can do to help Alli-Mae, but I slave over trying to bump up Annabelle’s grades from a D to an A before her next birthday. In fact, I was so busy coddling Annabelle that I completely didn’t notice Alice and Herman’s marriage crumbling.

I attempted to fix things with lots of romancing and kissing.


But when Alice rolled a want to divorce Herman, I knew the marriage just couldn’t be saved. I do try to listen to my Sims when it comes to important things, like family and relationships. They know what they want more than I do, and if Alice just doesn’t love Herman anymore, then she shouldn’t have to stay in a marriage with him. It made me sad to do it, but I had Alice ask Herman for a divorce in the bathroom when he got out of the shower. Little Ignacio saw the whole thing, but actually wasn’t affected by it. I guess being cradled protectively in his aunt’s arms during the breakup comforted him. Annabelle and Alli-Mae were devastated by their parents’ divorce. They both got a – 60 moodlet for two days because of it and they were completely miserable.


Now, although I had them get divorced, I didn’t want them to be on bad terms with each other. Herman was a wonderful father and husband for so many years. I couldn’t just kick him out (he’s also an Elder and I want to keep him around until he dies to get my last three points for a unique death). He and Alice spend some time repairing their relationship and eventually can call each other best friends. They decide to make the divorce as easy as possible on their children by making as little changes as possible. Herman and Alice still share a room, but have separate beds now and they’re still affectionate towards each other, just as friends instead of spouses. In fact, they’re so friendly towards each other that sometimes I forget they’re not married anymore.


I just barely manage to get Annabelle’s grades up to an A before her birthday. This is a pretty big event. The next heiress is taking over this mess of a family and bringing in the next generation. If you think about it, the challenge is almost over: once the heiress or heir from Annabelle has a child, the challenge ends.


Of course I give both Annabelle and Alli-Mae makeovers. Yes, I still kept them looking exactly the same. It makes sense for two triplets (even though the third one is dead) who are best friends forever to want to do and wear the exact same thing forever, at least in this challenge.

I have to say that both Annabelle and Alli-Mae are smokin’ hot. This is coming from a straight female, so that’s saying a lot. They are seriously gorgeous. It’s also obvious now that they’re young adults that apart from their eye and hair colour, they are completely identical. Even though Alli-Mae is the Bad Apple, I love her just as much as Annabelle.

I did flub up a bit on the whole Bad Apple thing, admittedly. I always seem to forget that I can’t control the Bad Apples right after they age up for some stupid reason and had Alli-Mae go get a job. The second I realized this, I went “Crap!” and had her quit right away, then left her alone completely to rectify the issue.

Annabelle Rocha

Annabelle Rocha

Alli-Mae Rocha

Alli-Mae Rocha

I had Annabelle follow in her mother’s footsteps and get a job in the Criminal career. Alice actually rolled a want to see Annabelle become a Criminal Mastermind, worth 20 000 lifetime happiness points. I’d never seen that before. She also rolled a want to see Alli-Mae become a Sports Legend.

Of course, I wasted no time in bringing in generation four. I had Annabelle call for pizza and who should show up but Torgo Pendragon! If any of you read Tiari’s legacy, you’ll know that Torgo Pendragon married Bianca Grimes and had twin sons, Ives and Reese Pendragon together. As a huge fan of Tiari’s legacy, I got very excited and knew that Torgo would be Annabelle’s baby daddy.


It took a while for Torgo to warm up to Annabelle, but it only took a day or two for him to agree to be her boyfriend and shack up with her. When Annabelle started throwing up, I was skipping for joy. I hoped for a boy, just because I’ve never played as a male heir before and wanted to try it out.


Annabelle told Torgo about the pregnancy and he, like Herman, wanted to make sure his baby grew up in a proper home and got down on one knee to ask Annabelle to be his wife. Annabelle, like Alice, refused his proposal. Maybe she was afraid that if she married under the same circumstances as her parents, that she’d end up divorced like them, too. I guess that’s a reasonable fear for her to have. Torgo’s even a pizza deliverer like her father was and they met the exact same way her parents did. I guess that could signal bad foreshadowing.


Even though Annabelle refuses Torgo’s marriage proposal, she allows him to move in. She still wants her baby’s father there to help her through everything and raise their child. Torgo’s very attentive to his girlfriend throughout the pregnancy and gives lots of affection to the baby.


Those nine months whiz by and one day while Annabelle is admiring the gnome in the backyard, she goes into labour. Will this be a repeat of her Grandma Gretle’s first birth? Yes. Yes, it will. Annabelle screams and hollers from the backyard, but no one inside hears her or comes out to help, so she decides to lie down on the lawn and give birth to her baby beside the family’s flamingo army.

After hours of contractions and labour pains and pushing, Annabelle gives birth to a baby girl named Suellen Rocha. I told you my game pumps all my Sims full of X chromosomes. Well, no boy this time, but Annabelle has two more chances to have a boy, right? After all, there needs to be at least three human children born in each generation and there’s no one else to have those babies.


Suellen isn’t born with the Insane trait, which I was disappointed about. I probably should have made her have a more difficult pregnancy. I’ll remember to make her miserable the next time she gets pregnant and hope that baby gets Annabelle’s Insane trait, but not Torgo’s Neurotic trait. If she gets the Insane trait later on AND inherits her mother’s hair colour, then she’s definitely the next heiress unless Annabelle has a boy with both those qualities as well. So far, all my heiresses have had both Gretle’s Insane trait and her red and green hair and I want to keep that string going until the end.

Welcome to a life of dysfunction, insanity and untimely deaths, Suellen Rocha. Here’s hoping you fit right in!