Last chapter, Alice got a job as a Decoy at the criminal warehouse just outside of town, but gets off to a rocky start when she gets arrested on her first day on the job. In need of exercise in order to slim down enough to run from the cops, Alice hits up the gym rather reluctantly. She continues to struggle with her weight, trying desperately to balance exercise, her day job as a Decoy and her nightly stealing sprees. Money is still tight, but Alice isn’t worried; she knows she can swipe something for some quick cash when she needs it.

It’s not long before love comes calling for Alice in the form of pizza deliverer Herman Rocha. He gets her pregnant the first night they meet and quickly proposes to her when he finds out about the pregnancy. Alice refuses at first, but soon gives way after a little more romancing and Alice brings triplet girls, Annabelle, Abby Jean and Alli-Mae, into the world as Mrs. Alice Rocha.

Now for the next installment:

After just a few nights of sharing a room with three newborn babies, Mary Sue has had enough. Being the only walking, talking person in the house who isn’t Insane or a ghost, she’s fed up with all the craziness and tells her half-sister that she’s moving into a loft in town with three old ladies.

“Maybe I’ll finally get some peace and quiet living with a bunch of old people!” she yells, storming out of the house with her bags packed in a rage. To be honest, I don’t think anyone really notices that she’s gone. Even I forgot that she ever existed, sometimes. She was just the third mandatory kid for Gretle who turned out to be useless because she wasn’t born Insane. She’s been ignored by both me and Alice for most of her life.

So life goes on without Mary Sue. No one misses her much, except Spudnic, who’s always talking to his sister on the phone. I guess they had grown really close over the years, being full-siblings and all. Maybe Spudnic doesn’t quite feel like part of the family now that he’s not fully related to any of his other siblings.


So not surprisingly, Alice turns out to be a negligent mother, but that’s just perfectly okay with the triplets because they have Daddy, Uncle Spudnic and Uncle Cletus caring for them 24/7. Seriously, this house is so chaotic that no one has the same sleep schedule so one of the men in the house is always awake to take care of them. Most of the time, they do it autonomously, too, so I never have to pay any attention to the triplets whatsoever. Score!


So what’s Alice doing if she’s not caring for her children? Working out, of course. For someone who was so afraid to step on that treadmill at first, Alice sure loves to burn off calories now. She’s the skinniest I’ve ever seen her. She’s almost too skinny, actually. She’s well beyond the Outstanding level for Athleticism for her job and quickly rises from being a Decoy to a Getaway Driver! Of course, she does do time in the slammer from time to time, but no one in the house is bothered by this because there’s so many people in the house to look after the triplets and hold the fort down that Alice can afford to go away for a year or two.



At first, Alice still struggled horribly with her weight, but after I had her go on a strict diet of salad and juice along with exercising constantly, she really kept the weight down. I’m afraid she’s developed anorexia now, though. It happens when you starve yourself and work out six hours a day. It’s murder trying to keep her away from all that birthday cake that’s always in the fridge, though.


Baby years are very boring, so let’s skip to birthdays. Annabelle, Alli-Mae and Abby Jean age into toddlers. Let the terrible twos commence! So I’ve decided to make Alli-Mae the Bad Apple for generation three, since she’s the boring one who got brown hair. No idea where that came from, since Herman has black hair. Maybe she got it from her Grandpa Beau? In any case, the triplets all pretty much look identical at first (especially since I gave them identical hairstyles and outfits), but they do have tell-tale differences, which I’ll tell you now to help keep you from getting confused.


Left to right: Annabelle Rocha, Alli-Mae Rocha, Abby Jean Rocha

Annabelle has her mother’s bright red and neon green hair and looks exactly like Abby Jean EXCEPT that Annabelle has green eyes.
Alli-Mae is the only brunette and light-skinned triplet. She has wide black eyes like her mother. She’s also the Bad Apple but I do control her when she ages up to change her appearance.
Abby Jean looks a lot like Annabelle, but Abby Jean has black eyes and is a lot chubbier than the other triplets.

So there you have it. A little mini-guide for telling the Rocha triplets apart.

Alice is no more attentive to her daughters as toddlers than she was when they were babies, but again, no problems. Their uncles and dad are all too eager to make sure the social worker doesn’t come knocking at their door and are always tending to each little girl’s every need and want. They have no toys and the TV is always busted, but Uncles and Daddy are always there for a game of Toss the Toddler, so the triplets stay pretty happy. Again, I hardly ever have to pay attention to them, because the men of the house almost always care for the triplets autonomously.


Alice rolls two wants; to have a child and to have a child with Herman. It is literally all she ever thinks about. I lock them in for her, because I want the next heir to have the Insane trait. That’s my own personal requirement for heirs in this family. I think she’s insane… well, she is, really, but you know what I mean. She just had triplets she can’t afford and if she has another baby, she’s going to gain back all that weight she’s lost. I know she needs to pack on a couple pounds now, but I don’t want her getting obese again.


Before I can have her have another baby, I need to make sure there’s a ghost baby born for generation three. Unfortunately, Alice’s fear of EVERYTHING prevents her from doing this, but I know someone with the perfect genes for ghostly reproduction: Cletus! Yay! He’s still a teen right now, though, so I need to wait for him to age up.

The triplets celebrate another birthday. Hooray for slightly more independence! When they age up, it becomes obvious who is who, mostly because Abby Jean is officially the fat triplet and since Annabelle and Alli-Mae have different hair colours, they can be told apart instantly. I kept them looking identical. I like identical twins and triplets, heh heh.


Left to right: Annabelle Rocha, Alli-Mae Rocha, Abby Jean Rocha

They all fail school. This is due to the fact that I panicked when I looked at Cletus’ school performance and saw that it said there were no available schools in town to attend. I thought “Oh no! Can the school really become full? I’d better build another one!” I built the second one right across the street from the Rocha household (Yes, it’s no longer the Messovitch household, but I’m still calling the challenge The Messovitch Insanity), thinking they’d never have trouble going to school because it was so close they could just walk right over. Wrong. The school was TOO close, meaning the bus didn’t come for them and they wouldn’t autonomously go to school. I was so used to kids autonomously going to school that I kept forgetting to send them and well D grades were the result. Oh and yes, I realized later that ghosts can’t go to school.

One thing I was happy about was that Annabelle developed the Insane trait when she aged up, and even though I don’t get the three points for that, it does mean I get an heiress for the next generation, so I terminated Alice’s wishes for a baby right away. Why have even more kids when you don’t have to? I think Alice was a little depressed about not being a mommy again, though. Maybe she wanted another chance to actually be a good mother. This makes three female heiresses in a row, but I assure you, it’s not a matriarchy. My game just likes pumping my Sims full of X chromosomes for some reason. I have the 1.4 patch now, so prepared foods don’t alter the gender of babies and they’re too poor to afford watermelon, anyway.

Not long after that, Cletus aged into a Young Adult! Woo hoo! Goddess, he looks like a 40 year old! That was an exciting time for me, because it meant I could finally get started on bringing that next ghost baby into the house. I knew that Darlene Bunch was a pretty young lady who lived by herself just next door and had Cletus go over there right away to introduce himself. Unfortunately, the second he tried to flirt with her, she pushed him away and yelled at him. Turns out she’s Unflirty. I could have still attempted it, but after reading about the headaches Cornelia caused Tiari in her challenge due to her Unflirty trait, I just decided to let Darlene go. I did not want to go through that with Darlene.



I next had him hit up the park where he stumbled upon Adrien Ursine, the daughter of exes Claire Ursine and Jared Frio. She’s living by herself in her mother’s old house by the ocean. She’s not very attractive, but she’s a woman with a fertile uterus, so she still passes the test. Cletus goes over and romances her right away and they really hit it off.


The next day, Cletus invites her over to his house. She’s pretty disgusted by the broken appliances, water puddles and dirty plates everywhere and will not even think about screwing him silly until he takes her back outside. The Messovitch home is world renowned for its grime and filth.

Soon, Adrien forgets about how disgusting Cletus’ house is and agrees to be his girlfriend. They celebrate their new relationship with some baby-making. Those musical chimes sound so sweet, don’t they? Of course, Adrien turns out to be pregnant and Cletus has her stay with them until the baby’s born. She doesn’t officially move in; she just keeps staying the night throughout the pregnancy. Weirdly enough, everyone in the house decided to do autonomous baby interactions. Seems Cletus’ whole family is excited for him to be a dad.



Somewhere within all of this excitement, Alice celebrates her 30th birthday. No party, because I don’t really care. Adult birthdays are the most boring birthdays ever. Nothing changes except some extra wrinkles and decreased fertility.


Anyway, back to important stuff: Adrien goes into labour and Cletus takes her to the hospital. They walk out with a new baby boy named Ignacio Ursine. I didn’t get to pick his name, because apparently the game views that as the mother’s job and the mother wasn’t living in my active household, so she picked one autonomously. Ignacio has his mother’s last name, because she and Cletus aren’t married. All that stuff I didn’t mind a bit, because he was blessedly a ghost baby! Hello five points! I was worried he’d be born human and then I’d have to have Cletus keep getting Adrien knocked up until she popped out a ghost baby.



Oh! Before I continue, MORE important stuff! Somewhere within this time frame, the triplets aged into teenagers! Yippee! Annabelle, Alli-Mae and Abby Jean are more distinct than ever. Abby Jean got fatter, Alli-Mae got plainer and Annabelle got prettier. I again made them identical, right down to their makeup. They’re doing better in school as teenagers, because the bus miraculously decides to pick them up now. It drives two feet, stops and lets them off. It’s so pointless. They could just run across the street in less time, but whatever. They also usually do their homework.


Left to right: Annabelle Rocha, Alli-Mae Rocha, Abby Jean Rocha

I immediately moved Ignacio into the Rocha household and then proceeded to move Cletus out of the house. I didn’t need Cletus anymore and I was sure Ignacio wouldn’t miss his parents with all his aunts, uncles and cousins around to help him grow up. I also decided that getting rid of Abby-Jean would be a good idea. She was basically the third generation version of Mary Sue; the mandatory third child with no Insane trait and therefore useless. I had Cletus take his niece with him when he moved, leaving Annabelle and Alli-Mae in the house. I wish I could get rid of Alli-Mae and Spudnic, too, but they’re Bad Apples, so I can’t. Their purpose in the challenge is specifically to take up useless space, air and money in the house, but altogether are worth a nice chunk of points at the end of the challenge.

Of course, Herman steps up to the plate of being Ignacio’s caregiver. He was ever so diligently attentive to his own children, too.


So now there are Alice Rocha, Herman Rocha, Annabelle Rocha, Alli-Mae Rocha, Spudnic Messovitch and Ignacio Ursine living in the house. Mary Sue, Cletus and Abby Jean have moved out. Alice is an Adult, Herman is quickly approaching Elder-hood,  Annabelle and Alli-Mae are teenagers, Spudnic is a Young Adult and Ignacio is a baby.