I was recently forced to install patch 1.4 on my game after having to reinstall my game, much to my dismay, because that meant I had to give up my beloved Indie Stone. I’d heard horror stories about the new patch completely wiping out people’s games and I immediately backed up all my save files before installing the new patch.

I got a request to upload a newer version of the Charm household and lot with Margaret in it, so I obliged.

WARNING: Seeing this newer upload will give away some spoilers. I’m much father ahead in my game than my blog.

Charm Manor

Outside Front
Outside Back
First Floor
Second Floor

NOTE: The cars in the garage are the Toyota Prius, which is an EA Store download. Luckily, they are a free download, so you can still have them in your game without paying anything. There are other items in the house which are pay items from the Store, so your game will replace them with default items if you don’t have the item from the Store. Sorry about that.


Matilda Charm – Young Adult (I think it’s her birthday in the upload, actually)
Thaddeus Charm – Adult
Margaret Charm – Child
Juliana Corcoran* – Young Adult

NOTE: Everyone in the house has custom content, whether it be their skin or their hair or a clothing item. Check my Resources page to find the custom content items you’re missing in your game if you want them. *Juliana’s dress is an EA Store download, but I believe it’s part of the free JC Penny collection. I’m not 100% sure about this, though.

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