So I went to play The Sims 3 just now and it said there was no game disk inserted in my laptop. I opened up the disk slot and The Sims 3 was most definitely in it. I tried all the usual stuff; taking out the disk and reinserting it, blowing dust off the disk and inside the disk slot… no luck. It still didn’t recognize the disk.

I thought maybe my disk was damaged, so I tried inserting a CD instead, but my laptop still won’t recognize my CD, so that means it’s not the game, it’s my laptop.

I talked to my computer whiz brother about it and he said that I might have burned out my disk reader, but that I can send the laptop to Toshiba to get it replaced. If that’s the case, that’s a huge problem. I don’t have any money to get it replaced.

I honestly don’t know what to do. I obviously can’t play my game, which means I can’t update my challenges (well, I can update the Burnum Diary once more, because I played that through before this happened, but that’s it).

So I’m very unhappy to inform everyone that until I can figure out what the heck is wrong with my laptop and fix it, there will be no updates.

If anyone’s had this problem before and/or knows of anything else it could be besides a dead disk reader (my brother’s good with computers, but he’s still only fifteen), please let me know and offer me some help. I would be so grateful.