Last time we left off, Gretle died and Beau returned to the Netherworld, leaving a teenager, two children and a newborn baby to fend for themselves. Alice, being the eldest and the heiress, steps up to the plate and decides to become the primary caregiver, but struggles to keep up with school, work, and taking care of her three younger siblings. Mary-Sue ages into a teenager, along with Spudnic. Baby Cletus whips through his baby and toddler years to become a child. At long last, Alice grows into a Young Adult and can finally be free from juggling school and work with three young siblings to feed and care for. Alice quits her part-time job in favour of becoming a thief, going out at night to steal the neighbours’ belongings.

Now for the next installment:

Turns out Alice’s new “job” is much more profitable than her old one. Every night, she goes out looking for something nice to nab that the neighbours so foolishly left outside. Soon, she’s purchased another counter, a kitchen sink and a real dining table with real chairs for the house. Yep, life for the Messovitches seems to be looking up. Alice’s siblings must be either really oblivious or really uncaring, because they never bother to ask why their sister comes home every night at 3:00am, lugging a big bag full of stuff behind her.

Soon, Alice starts to think that maybe she could make even more money if she worked full-time. She’d heard stories of an underground group of criminals hiding out at the abandoned warehouse near her house, so she sets off to see if there’s an opening for a new recruit. Alice walks out of the warehouse as a Decoy, and she’s certain she’ll rise in the ranks fast.


… until she gets arrested on her first day at work. I guess being a Decoy is harder than Alice thought it would be. Since she’s missing work, being cooped up in jail, her job performance goes down. I figure I’ll have her work out so at least she’s doing something useful in there. I was surprised when she walked out of there with some nice muscles.



Since Alice needs to get in better shape for her job, she hits up 28 Hour Wellness Gym quite a bit. At first, she was rather reluctant to go anywhere near that treadmill. She would just stand there forever, examining her nails and occasionally complaining that she was hungry. She was ALL too eager to scarf down that cereal in the cafeteria, however. Eventually, I did manage to drag her lazy, obese butt on that treadmill. Even though she decided to work out in a jean skirt, fishnet stockings and stilletto heels, she didn’t do too badly, and actually lost quite a bit of weight. I think that was the first time I realized just how strikingly beautiful Alice is. I always thought she was rather pretty, but her weight distracted me from noticing just HOW pretty she is.



Alice’s battle with her weight is ongoing and tedious. I think some Sims just have the “fat gene” and they constantly have to exercise and only eat when they’re very hungry in order to keep the weight off. Her weight keeps fluctuating drastically.

As well as work on her career, Alice continues to prowl the neighbourhood at night, looking for something to steal and sell off to support her household. Even though her siblings are older, they’re all still minors and need to be taken care of to some extent. One night, Alice sees a shiny powder blue pickup truck sitting all alone on the front driveway and decides to press her luck.


She’s ecstatic when she makes off with a brand new car (and a rather valuable one, too). She decides not to sell the truck and keep it for herself, and even builds a garage for it so she can hide it from the cops driving by in search of the stolen vehicle. That same night, she also comes across a treadmill sitting on someone’s back porch! Perfect to help her along in her career! Unfortunately, a mother and her toddler are sitting outside so she can’t swoop in and snatch it up, so she decides to wait it out until they leave. The woman and her child end up taking a cab somewhere after an hour or so, so Alice makes her move.


“Uh, excuse me, but what are you doing on my property at midnight?”

“I was just, uh… taking a stroll… by myself… in the dark… yeah…”

Her new treadmill is now sitting in her living room. No more long journeys to the gym for her. Alice can stay on top of her job and nicely trimmed without ever having to leave home. When Spudnic, Mary Sue and Cletus ask her where she got these expensive items, she tells them she enters a lot of contests and these are some prizes she’s won. At first, they’re suspicious, but they quickly shut up when Alice promises to let them drive the car. Cletus knows his birthday’s coming up, so he’s excited to drive the car, too.

So now Alice is still stretched for cash, but knows that when she needs a little extra in her pocket, the neighbourhood is ripe for her harvesting, so things aren’t really all that horrible. In fact, Alice seems pretty darn happy about her life right now.

One night after a long trip around the neighbourhood to bag some goodies, Alice doesn’t really feel like cooking, so she opts to order a pizza. When the doorbell rings, Spudnic accepts the delivery (I think I accidentally commanded him to do this… crud, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m still counting him as a Bad Apple. It’s just a pizza), and Alice goes to pay the deliverer. She takes one look at the guy and falls in love at first sight. She immediately invites him inside to chat.


It seems Pizza Deliverer Herman Rocha is head over heels for Alice Messovitch, too, because by the end of the night, he agrees to spend the night, become her boyfriend and have sex with her. Wow, Alice. Way to work that feminine charm.



The next day at work, Alice feels nauseous and can’t stop throwing up. This grosses out her band of criminals and they tell her to come back when she isn’t spewing her guts out all over their illegally imported shoes. She hops into her truck and heads home to get some rest and get over this flu she seems to have caught. Smart Alice remembers to park her ill-gotten mode of transportation at the back of the warehouse where the cops can’t see it from the road.


Alice tells her siblings she isn’t feeling well and goes straight to bed, until she wakes up in the middle of the night, a sudden realization dawning on her. She doesn’t have the flu; she’s pregnant. Alice is actually ecstatic about the new little bundle of joy growing inside of her and announces the news to her siblings right away; they’re going to be aunts and uncles!

As excited as Alice is, she’s a little nervous to tell Herman. After all, they just started dating a little while ago and she was afraid the sex was just something fun for him to do, but she gathers what little courage she possesses and invites him over to announce the news to him.


To her surprise and delight, Herman is very excited. Turns out Herman is a rather traditional sort of guy, because right after Alice tells him he’s going to be a father, he gets down on one knee and proposes to her. Alice is shocked at the sudden, huge request and hastily declines the proposal. Poor Herman is so hurt. He really wanted to have a proper family with marriage-born children. Determined to make a real family for his child, Herman romances Alice throughout the rest of the night and when he pops the question again, she accepts this time.



There’s no time to plan a big wedding party. Alice is going to give birth soon and Herman wants to make sure his child isn’t born out of wedlock, so the two exchange wedding rings right then and there in the living room with nothing but the clothes they had on that morning and a vow to love one another for the rest of their lives. Alice is so happy. Her mother never married so she’s excited to be the first Messovitch properly wed.


Alice spends the rest of her pregnancy listening to Kids music and watching KidZone on the television at the same time. She can’t afford those expensive pregnancy books, so she’s doing what she can to keep her baby happy. For a woman who makes her living as a criminal, she sure adores the little person growing in her belly. Herman is excited for the big delivery, too.


Three birthdays take place in the Messovitch household while everyone waits with eager anticipation for Alice to have her baby. Spudnic finally turns eighteen and is freed from the tortures of high school, Cletus turns thirteen and is thankful that he made it to teenager-hood alive, what with being left on sidewalks for hours as a baby (come to think of it, maybe Alice shouldn’t be so happy to be having a baby… she didn’t exactly have a good practice run with Cletus), and Herman turns the big three oh. No party for any of them (I was too lazy to throw one and didn’t want to spend what little money they had on birthday cakes and balloons. I also didn’t want my game to get laggy by inviting guests to the party), but they all seem pretty happy to be transitioning into their new stages of life, anyway.




Finally, the day comes when Alice goes into labour. She opts to have her baby at home and so lies down on the couch, screaming and hollering to push the little newcomer out. Her husband and siblings all stand around in a panic, doing nothing to help her. They just scream louder than she is and dance around nervously, clutching their heads.


Awww! A brand new baby girl…

And another…

And another…


Alice gives birth to triplet girls (heh heh, watching KidZone and listening to the Kids station at the same time is almost frighteningly effective at producing multiple births). Well, Alice might have been able to afford one crib, but she has to sell off all the dressers in the house to afford two more.

The firstborn baby’s name is Annabelle, the second born is Alli-Mae and the third born is Abby Jean. They all have the last name of Rocha, since Alice Messovitch became Alice Rocha when she married. This isn’t a matriarchy or a patriarchy, so not only do I not influence the gender of babies, but I also don’t mind when women take their husband’s last name, unlike the Charms where the husband changes his name to his wife’s.

I am royally pissed off that NONE of the babies were born with the Insane trait, even though both their parents are Insane. I WILL get at least one baby born with the Insane trait out of her! I want those three points!

Lucky (or unlucky) Aunt Mary Sue ends up sharing her room with her three newborn nieces, since she’s the only other girl with her own room. Alice and Herman want their alone time. Hey, that’s what aunts are for, right? Right? Okay, maybe not, but still, the babies are sleeping with their aunt.


Oh and if you’re wondering what’s going on with Alice’s hunt for a ghost to donate his sperm to her, well… it doesn’t look as if that’s going to happen. Namely because she can’t talk to a ghost without fainting from fear now. Guess what trait she got when she aged up. Don’t worry, SOMEONE’S going to give me five points for a ghost baby for generation three, whether they like it or not!


Oh and here’s the flamingo army. It’s getting pretty big now. I shudder to think what’s going to happen when I get a Mysterious Mr. Gnome for that army… I keep having visions of it commanding all those flamingos to come to life and attack, enacting their revenge for being displayed on the front lawn on a stick like a museum exhibit.