I have some exciting news to share with all of you!

Those of you who have been reading my blog from the very beginning have known it as The Charm Legacy, but as we all know, this blog isn’t just about the Charms anymore. The Burnums and Messovitches are also a part of this blog and are loved by readers as well. The name The Charm Legacy just didn’t fit anymore, so it has been changed to Reflections!

I came up with the name Reflections after discussing it with some people and brainstorming many possible new names for the blog. Reflections seemed to fit the best, because the Sims in my stories are really just a reflection of ourselves. Each and every character has a bit of us in them, or someone we know, and reading their stories is kind of like reading a reflection of real life, in a way.

Don’t worry, the url won’t change (mostly because I can’t change the url unless I move the blog to a completely different address and I don’t want to do that), just the title on the page and my Twitter name. My new twitter name is SimReflections (reflections was already taken, unfortunately). It’s still the same account, though.

In honour of the brand new name, Reflections now has a forum! You can get to it and sign up by clicking the link in the sidebar. I thought it would be great to provide a place where readers of my blog can come together and discuss my challenges in depth and detail, rather than using the comments to host lengthy debates and discussions. Keep the discussion going in the forum! I love it!

I hope you guys like the new changes. I made it so that it wouldn’t make life too difficult for you. You still go to the same url to read my blog and my Twitter account is the same Twitter account, just with a new screen name. I also hope you enjoy and make use of the new forum. I hope to see you there.

Happy Simming!