Holy cow. Gretle’s family is slowly turning into the most dysfunctional family I’ve ever played. I love it.

So last time we left off, Gretle tried to have another baby with Beau. Over and over again. Beau wanted nothing to do with her, so she shacked up with a hunky firefighter by the name of Adam Andreasen. He quickly moved in and became Gretle’s new boyfriend, leaving Beau to become a temporary babysitter while Adam was doing his ex-romantic interest in their old bedroom.

Gretle got pregnant by Adam and had a baby boy named Spudnic, doomed to become the Bad Apple of the family. Beau’s services were no longer needed, so he met his end and the reaper came for his soul. Thankfully, Alice was still too young to know her dad died.

Now, for the next installment:

So now Gretle has two kids, but she needs a minimum of three. I was still planning on getting a ghost baby out of her, but unfortunately, ghost babies don’t count toward the three child minimum requirement, so once again, I had rose petals flying in the bedroom until Adam got Gretle pregnant again. They’re still living paycheque to paycheque, but no one in the house seems to mind or worry about it one bit.


Now I like to plan ahead, so I had Gretle become temporarily nocturnal to hit up the graveyard at night, looking for potential mates. Gretle likes a bit of variety in the bedroom and she’s becoming bored with the whole “living people” thing.

She quickly meets Mr. Gaylord Landgrabb (I think that’s his last name, anyway). They become great friends, but he refuses all of Gretle’s romantic advances. Drat!


She then moved on to Mr. Tragic Clown. I’ll be honest. I really wanted her to get knocked up with him, because I really wanted to be able to put “Tragic Clown” on my family tree. My hopes were raised when he seemed pretty interested in hooking up with Gretle. The whole disappearing into a cloud when the sun rises thing was really starting to piss me off, though.


All the while, Adam sleeps peacefully, unaware that his girlfriend is sneaking off in the middle of the night to hook up with ghosts. Oh poor, naive Adam.

So Gretle gets bigger and bigger (actually, she doesn’t. She’s too overweight for anyone to tell she’s pregnant at all) until POP GOES THE BABY! She has another girl named Mary Sue Messovitch. Again, no watermelon influenced this. I was pissed as hell that she didn’t inherit her mother’s Insane trait OR her father’s hidden Pyro trait. Damn. What a stupid, useless lump of poop and goober…



Now that Gretle’s uterus is once again conveniently unoccupied, I have her go to the graveyard more and more. She becomes best friends with Gaylord. I was expecting to move him in and then have her romance him at home, but apparently, you can’t ask ghosts to move in with you. He still wouldn’t accept any of her romantic advances, so I gave up on him.

I had her chat up some other ghosts, but no one there wanted to hook up with her, including Tragic Clown. Ghah! Why is it so hard to have a ghost baby in this damn game?


Out of desperation, I had her take Buster Clavell’s grave from the catacombs and put it on her lot, but things didn’t work out with him, either. I ended up giving up on her ghost-hunting escapade, since Beau had only come out of his grave once since he died and Gretle was too busy at the graveyard to notice his presence at home until just before he disappeared.


Thoroughly depressed, Gretle turned into an Adult. She’s still only a Papergirl, so I don’t think she’ll be netting me any Career Points, but oh well. Honestly, I was so disappointed that I couldn’t get those three Ghost Baby Points that I was about to just shut off the game and never play her household again, but literally, just as I was thinking about this, Gretle got an opportunity to resurrect a loved one’s ghost at the Science Centre! WOOOOOO!!!!!

Practically skipping for joy, I had Gretle pack up Beau’s grave into her inventory and head off to the Science Centre. She walked out with her long-lost bed buddy, Beau Andrews! I’m not completely sure if this is legit according to the rules, but I don’t remember seeing anything that said you can’t kill off a Sim’s mate, then resurrect them for the Ghost Baby Points, so I figured eh, what the hell? I know it’s worth points to move in a ghost, but I don’t know if that really applies to Sims who have already lived in the house and have been resurrected.


She seemed really happy to see him again. Awwwww.

So now the roles were reversed again. Adam became the babysitter and housekeeper while Gretle romanced her old flame and shook up the bedroom. Another successful knock up! YEAH! I hope it’s a ghost baby. I would be seriously pissed if the baby turned out to be human. That happened to me once before on another save file and I was so mad.

Adam’s sperm is no longer needed. He has this ridiculous LTW to have like 110, 000 simoleans or something and considering he’s dirt poor and almost an Elder, I didn’t think that would be happening anytime soon. I also knew it was extremely unlikely, if not impossible for him to net me any Career Points at his age, so I figured I could probably squeeze a few Unique Death Points out of him.

Pool, meet Adam. Adam, meet Pool. I’m sure you two will be just inseperable, mwahahahahaha!!!!



Okay, I actually felt really bad about killing Adam. He was such an amazing dad to all three of Gretle’s kids, even Alice, who isn’t his kid. Plus, Gretle walks around crying all day, saying that she’s heartbroken. She really loved him, apparently.


Beau still watches TV in his underwear…


Alice, Spudnic and Mary Sue age up. Spudnic and Mary Sue both have their mom’s hair, too.


Mary Sue





Alice, Spudnic and Mary Sue age up again. Alice actually looks kind of… pretty. I was sure she was going to be a hag from the way her child pictures looked. I’m making Alice the heiress for the second generation. She has the Insane trait and I kind of want to keep that Insane tradition going. Spudnic’s also Insane, but he’s the Bad Apple and therefore, not eligable.




Spudnic’s quite entertaining to sit back and watch. He’s taken to passing out in random spots, sometimes in front of the school, meaning he misses school. I’ll admit, I’m such a control freak that I have a hard time just letting him be. I did cancel one of his actions once, but that was to stop him from consuming something that wasn’t juice or grilled cheese. I think that’s allowed… I think… I decided to keep doing my best just to have them eat grilled cheese and let Tiari decide whether or not I get the points at the end of the challenge.


Lo and behold, Gretle gives birth for her fourth and last time! She was in her bedroom when she went into labour, ran outside to have her baby, then ran back inside, then outside again to have her baby in the front yard for a second time. I guess she was trying to decide which place she liked better. Pleasebeaghostbabypleasebeaghostbabypleasebeaghostbaby…


YES!!!! WOOHOO!!! Hello, Ghost Baby Points! She had a boy. His name is Cletus (why yes, I am going for a trailer trash theme for this challenge… no offense if your name is Gretle, Alice, Spudnic, Mary Sue or Cletus).


And my gnome has acquired six more troops…