Here is the famous Charm Manor, complete with the entire Charm family and ready for you to download into your game to have for yourself.

The vast estate boasts an impressive seven bedrooms and three bathrooms, with large gardens, spacious rooms complete with marble flooring and archways in the main foyer and a lovely garden patio at the back of the property, overlooking Sunset Valley’s breathtaking cliffs and ocean beyond.

I originally planned to post this on the Exchange, but the file size was too large, so I am posting it here instead. Tiari’s recent game disaster made me extremely paranoid and I ended up backing up all of my Sims 3 challenges to a different folder, along with exporting The Charm Manor and its inhabitants and uploading it to a website, so just in case my game decides to implode on me as well, all hope is not lost as long as I remember to keep uploading backups of the house and family every once in a while.

I figured since I uploaded the manor, I might as well make it available for download. Many people seem to like it, so why not share it, right?


Address: 15 Summer Hill Court, Sunset Valley.
Lot Type: Residential
Lot Size: 60 x 60
Lot Price: Unknown (but please let me know if you download it so I can post it here).
Occupied: Yes.
Residents: 8
Description: 7 bd, 3 ba. Nearly fully furnished. Large gardens and windows. Patio overlooking the ocean. Two large wrap-around balconies off East and West Wings. Two master bedrooms with five spare rooms. Four front bedrooms have access to balconies.


Family Name: Charm

  • Mandy Charm (Adult)
  • Frank Charm (Adult)
  • Marcie Charm (Elder)
  • Josiah Charm (Elder)
  • Matilda Charm (Child)
  • Parker Charm (Teenager)
  • Christopher Charm II (Young Adult)
  • Christopher Charm (Elder)


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