The bedroom extension ended up being a gateway for an entire renovation in the Charm Manor. Sick of living in a stone block on a huge plot of nothing, Mandy decided it was time to just go ahead and finish everything; at least up to a point the family funds would allow.

“But Mom, all those jackhammers and saws are going to give me a headache!” Parker protested when she announced her plans at dinner. Mandy gave her son a stern look.

“Parker, I’m sure you’ll survive the racket for a month or two, and when it’s finished, you’ll enjoy the changes. Besides, it’s getting harder and harder to impress the members of council at my fundraising events when this huge monster of a home has absolutely no curb appeal. Think of it as a sort of business investment,” she said, smiling at her family.

The next day, the Charm Manor was overrun with construction workers and power tools and didn’t disperse until nearly two months later. Mandy walked out to see her new fundraiser-worthy mansion and smiled broadly. Now this is what a manor should look like! she thought to herself proudly, nodding her head in approval.


Nearly all of the front windows had been replaced and upgraded, along with the front door. Instead of just bare grass all around the property, there was a beautiful sweeping flagstone walkway, which was lined on either side by large gardens. The balconies on the second floor were finally finished and looked beautiful. At the back of the property, underneath the overhang stood a lovely patio with a first class view of the cliff and ocean beyond it. The patio was also bordered by lush gardens.


“I hope you’re proud of me, Mom,” Mandy whispered to the air. This was her mother’s lifelong dream; to live in an extravagant home and be worth over 110, 000 simoleans. She never got to see that dream come true in her lifetime, but Mandy hoped that her mother could see it now, wherever she was.

“Okay, so we have the buffet table set up, the juice bar up and running, the balloons put up and the cake on the table,” Mandy muttered, counting the tasks on her fingers. “I think it’s about time to start the party,” she smiled. “Loren, could you be so kind as to retrieve my daughter from her crib?” she asked. Their new housekeeper, one of two, Loren Corey nodded respectfully.

“Certainly, Mrs. Charm,” he said, immediately heading up the grand staircase to carry out his orders. Marcie had hired two housekeepers as a surprise for Mandy a few weeks ago. At first, Mandy wasn’t sure about making someone else clean up her messes all the time, but soon gave in after she realized how much time Loren and Leroy saved her every day. They made her life a lot easier and everyone in the house could focus on their careers without spending hours scrubbing toilets and washing dishes.


A few minutes later, Loren returned, carrying a fussy Matilda in his arms. Mandy smiled and thanked him, taking her from him and turning towards the cake. There were a lot of guests at the party; Jimmie was there, of course, holding Christopher’s hand and smiling, and Matilda’s Aunt Vivian and Uncle Josue. Mandy had also invited a bunch of influential members of society to attend her daughter’s birthday party as a subtle way of showing off her wealth and hopefully impressing them enough to convince them to donate big money to her campaign.


“Happy birthday, Sweetheart!” Mandy cheered, helping her blow out the candles on the cake. Rather than smiling and jumping up and down like any normal kid would on their birthday, Matilda frowned and crossed her arms.

“I don’t like that flavour of birthday cake, Mom,” she grumbled. Mandy bit her lip and kneeled down to hug her daughter.

“I’m sorry, Honey. I didn’t know. I’ll remember next time,” she promised her. “Do you want to see your new bedroom? Maybe that will cheer you up, hmm?” Matilda just shrugged and sighed.


“Oh oh! Mom, can I show her? Pretty please? I did pick out the theme and all! Plleeeeaaassee???” Parker begged, tugging on his mother’s skirt. Mandy laughed and nodded.

“Oh alright,” she agreed. “Don’t take too long. I think your Uncle Josue wants to take some pictures of you two later,” she said. She had barely finished her sentence before her children were already bounding up the stairs. Mandy took the opportunity to chat up her important guests and try to weasel some hefty chucks of cash out of them for her campaign fund.