Gretle’s new baby’s name is Alice. She’s pretty cute, even though all babies look more or less the same in this game. Beau’s the one who spends most of his time taking care of her, but Gretle does help out a bit, too. Both of them lose sleep due to the new arrival’s wonky sleep patterns, but oh well. Beau still won’t change out of his underwear.

I decide to have Beau learn how to make grilled cheese. Juice is getting old and Beau’s an unemployed, lazy slob. He might as well make himself useful somehow. Thankfully, he’s in a good mood when he cracks open the cookbook, so he learns quickly. He’s made a nice serving platter of grilled cheese before the end of the day.


Gretle’s thrilled. Grilled cheese IS her favourite food, after all.


Originally, I intended to have Gretle have her two more mandatory children with Beau, then visit the graveyard at night to have a ghost baby for extra points, but Beau’s and Gretle’s love life went stale… very stale. No matter how many times I tried to get them to have sex or try for baby, they would refuse each other. It didn’t matter who I had initiate the action or how high their relationship was or whether they thought the other Sim was okay or extremely irrestistable. They just would not take off their clothes.


I then remembered that service sims are worth points if you move them in, so the next day, I had Gretle go back to the park. I got excited when I saw a guy in what looked like a pizza deliverer uniform, but was confused as to why he was holding a toddler in his arms. A quick scroll-over informed me that he was Sam Sekemoto with his son, Leighton. Drat. I ended up just making her practice writing at the library for her job.



Out of desperation to be free from her crumbling somewhat-relationship, Gretle puts in a fake call for help to the police station, hoping a handsome young police officer would arrive and be smitten with her.

Well, a handome young police officer did show up, but he wasn’t too happy with Gretle’s phony phone call and yelled at her before charging her a 500 simolean fine. Ouch! What a rejection!


Poor Gretle is stuck with a guy who won’t even kiss her anymore and hardly talks to her. I know she brought it upon herself, but I can’t help feeling sorry for her. I wasn’t about to give up, though. Points are what I’m after, and I’m going to get them! I had her return to the park the next day early in the morning and wait all day for a male service Sim to show up. Finally, at around 3:00pm, a good-looking firefighter arrived. I had Gretle ignore her full bladder and run over to him to introduce herself. While he reached out to shake her hand, he tripped. A clumsy firefighter? Well, Gretle’s a clutz, too, so I don’t think she’ll mind.


Gretle wastes no time in calling the firefighter up and inviting him over when she gets home. His name is Adam. Most people would find it weird to invite a guy over to your house to seduce with your current partner in the same house, but that doesn’t perturb Gretle one bit. She chats him up and is soon macking out with the dude proudly in front of Beau. Needless to say, Beau’s a wee bit pissed.


I guess Gretle enjoyed watching Beau squirm, because she then proceeded to so boldly ask Adam to both move in and be her boyfriend, which he enthusiastically accepted. Looks like Beau’s on his way out. Gretle and Adam stir up the bedroom, but no baby. Well, you know what they say; if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again! I must have had Gretle and Adam doing it in the bedroom for four or five Sim-hours straight before she finally got pregnant. I don’t know why it was so difficult; she’s not old or anything. Maybe it’s because Adam’s older. In any case, they got the job done in the end.


Now I no longer needed Beau around. I kept him around as a babysitter while Gretle and Adam spent all their time in the bedroom, and also as a fallback in case for some reason, I couldn’t get her pregnant with Adam. He’s a couch potato and a slob so he wouldn’t be much use for the career points and he has the useless Gold Digger LTW, so I decided the best thing to do would be to kill him. Sorry, Beau, but you might as well be of some use and get me a few points on your way out. Well… at least after he’s discovered passed out on the bathroom floor in his underwear by Gretle. She doesn’t seem all that concerned, to be honest.


While Beau wasted away, locked in one of the extra bedrooms, Gretle seemed to be enjoying her new relationship. At least this new guy doesn’t sit on his butt half-naked all day; plus, he actually committed himself to her.

On the day Adam moved in, Alice grew into a toddler. No party because they’re too broke to afford a cake, but she is pretty adorable. She looks exactly like her dad, but with her mom’s wacky hair colour. It looks wicked. Adam stepped into his new role as dad quite nicely once he’s finished impregnating her mother.



Gretle gets more days off work for maternity leave. Again, she seems pretty thrilled to be having another kid, even though she’s broke.


Beau’s still stuck in the extra bedroom. His constant whining and complaining is getting really annoying.


Finally, Beau falls to the floor, never to rise again. Hello unique death points! I tried to have Adam run in and befriend Mr. Grim for some more points, but I couldn’t click on the Grim Reaper for some reason. I’ll keep trying to figure that one out.


Surprisingly, both Gretle and Adam seem pretty broken up over Beau’s death. I can understand Gretle; he was the father of her child, after all, but Adam? He should be skipping for joy that the other guy’s out of the picture. Sims… I’ll never understand them. Beau has a nice little tombstone in the front yard now.


Adam and Gretle are very in love and very excited for their new baby to come. Could it be… *gasp* a sense of normality in this household??? (For some reason, I find it hilarious that Gretle looks no different when she’s three Sim-days pregnant than how she normally looks… does this make me a bad person?)


This time, Gretle goes into labour in Alice’s bedroom. I guess that’s a little better than on the front lawn beside the garbage can. She’s in her bathing suit again. Is it your Super-Mom Birthing Suit, Gretle? She moans and groans and screams and doubles over, clutching her stomach for quite some time before she finally plops out her second kid. Despite being brave, Adam yells and dances on the spot in a panic. Whatever, Adam. You can run into burning buildings without batting an eyelash but you can’t watch a woman have a baby without falling into fits of hysteria?


This time, Gretle has a boy. I’m delighted that he’s netted me three more points by also inheriting his mother’s Insane trait. His name is Spudnic. The name popped into my head when he was born and I couldn’t stop giggling, so there you go. Spudnic Messovitch. I think I’ll have him become the Bad Apple for this generation. How could he not be a Bad Apple with a name like Spudnic?


And the flamingo army grows…