I loved Tiari’s Crazy Wacky Make No Sense Challenge so much that I decided to start my own. I get a lot of my ideas from Tiari, haha. Unlike my other two challenges, this one will be written narration-style, with me as the player telling you what my Sims do. That probably means this challenge will be finished quickly, but I don’t really see a point in playing a challenge if you can’t share it, so here it is. I highly recommend you read over the rules of this challenge before reading this story, because otherwise it probably won’t make much sense to you (hence why it’s called the Crazy Wacky Make No Sense Challenge).

The rules can be found here. Now, on with the show!

Meet Gretle Messovitch, not to be confused with the Simovitches, whom she has no relation to. To be short, she’s a mix of insane and trailer trash, though you could have probably gathered that from her picture.


This is her house. It has four bedrooms. I decided to make enough room in the house for her kids right away and then just go super-stingy on the furniture.


Here is her flamingo army, sure to grow in size quickly with their gnome leader. Unfortunately, he’s not a Mysterious Mr. Gnome, but I’ll get one, just you wait and see.


For extra points, here are her three store-bought goldfish swimming happily in their little bowls of water. Will they stay happy and alive for long? I sure hope so. I want those points!


Now the first thing I put in Gretle’s mind was baby-making. Woot! After all, making it to five generations in such a crazy household is the whole point of the challenge. Let’s not waste any precious Sim-time here.

Because Gretle is a low-class, insane, inappropriate freak, I thought she’d enjoy being a homewrecker. I also thought that the perfect man for her would be the infamous couch potato and slob, Beau Andrews. Lovely. I had her head over to the Andrews household to introduce herself.

Her and Beau seemed to be getting along swimmingly. His wife, Victoria minded her own business in the kitchen, but kept stealing sideways glances at her husband and visitor. Jealous, Victoria? You should be, because YOINK! Gretle just stole your man. Ooooooo…

Apparently, Beau doesn’t believe in divorce. Either that, or he’s just too lazy to deal with the courts and paperwork, because he moves in with Gretle without divorcing Victoria first. Gretle doesn’t seem to mind that the broke, unemployed bum she’s planning on creating life with is still married. Oh, Gretle…

True to his reputation as a deadbeat, Beau spends nearly all his time watching television in his underwear.


For some reason, Beau’s a little reluctant to engage in a romantic affair with Gretle. Perhaps he’s feeling guilty about abandoning Victoria? Her constant attempts to make a baby with him fail. Finally, I had him seduce her instead and the bedroom was alive with rose petals. Gretle, you are way too easy.


So now they have sex regularly and sleep in the same bed, but they’re not officially a couple. I guess Beau’s marriage to Victoria is keeping him from getting too committed to another woman. Of course, Gretle’s pretty down with that, because when she runs to the bathroom to throw up (in her swimsuit… oookkkaaayy?), it’s clear she’s got a bun in the oven.


Gretle seems pretty psyched about getting knocked up. I’m not quite sure why. The father’s an unemployed bum who’s married to someone else and won’t call Gretle his girlfriend, but I guess good for her if she’s happy. I’m just happy I finally got her knocked up. Sheesh, having affairs is tough in this game.


When left alone to do as they please, it becomes clear to me that Gretle and Beau have an extremely dysfunctional relationship. You ever see Kelly Clarkson’s video My Life Would Suck Without You and Pink’s video Please Don’t Leave Me? Well, mix those two together and you’ll have Gretle and Beau. One minute, they’re making out and the next minute, they’re screaming at each other.



Gretle doesn’t seem too happy with the roller coaster ride her relationship’s on.


Gretle and Beau have a baby on the way and no money, which makes for a very bad situation, so I have Gretle run out quick and get a job in the Journalism career track before her maternity leave kicks in. Of course, she won’t stay there for long. Her Lifetime Wish is to be a Jack of All Trades, but it will pay the bills and get her a crib and some toys for her baby for now. Being insane, she goes in for her job interview at the Corporate Towers in her exercise attire. Uh… wrong career, Gretle, but good try.


Surprisingly, Beau’s pretty helpful with the pregnancy. He massages Gretle when she’s sore and talks to the baby a lot. Hm, I guess he’ll be an okay stay-at-home dad after all. Now if only he’d change his underwear once in a while. I have a feeling he’s not going to be much help in the potty training department.


One night, Gretle gets bored and decides to rummage through her own garbage. In her bathing suit. Um… sure. Of course, this is when her baby decides to make its grand entrance into the world. I left Gretle alone to see what she would do and being Gretle, she decided to lie down and give birth beside her garbage can on the front lawn. The sight disgusted an elderly man passing by.



After Gretle successfully grosses out the neighbours with her graphic display, she welcomes a baby girl into her family. Beau is sleeping in the house the entire time and doesn’t even go outside to see why his… friend? With benefits? is screaming at the top of her lungs in the front yard. Men.