Week 7: Monday


“Today is going to be so hectic!” Marylee exclaimed, helping her husband set up three cakes on the kitchen table. They had to add another table just to fit all the cakes. “Three birthdays in one day! That’s crazy!” Christopher laughed and nodded.

“I know, but tell you what? After today, no more birthday parties this week,” he suggested. Marylee nodded.

“Sounds good to me. I’m tired of throwing birthday parties every day of the week. If I keep eating all that cake, my waistline’s going to expand and I won’t be able to fit into my stage outfits,” she pouted.

“Mom! Dad! Josiah! Marcie! The cakes are all set up! YAY!” Mandy cheered, running to the kitchen table. “Can I blow out my candles? Pretty please?” she begged.

“Wait for your sister and Josiah, Pumpkin,” he told her.

“Mandy, will you chill out? I’m coming! Sheesh…” Marcie groaned after Mandy ran to drag her sister out to the dining room, but she had a grin on her face all the same. Marylee and Christopher laughed, knowing how excited their daughters were to be growing into the next stages of their lives.

Josiah followed right after Marcie and once everyone was gathered around the cakes, Marylee and Christopher sang happy birthday to the three young people and one by one, Marcie, Mandy and Josiah made their wishes and blew out their candles.

“Argh! Mom, I have your hair again!” Marcie shrieked, tugging at her new strands. Mandy giggled and patted her own hair.


“Me too,” she said. Marylee rolled her eyes, but grinned.

“You both can have makeovers after the party,” she told them. “You’ll have to rush before school, Mandy,” she told her youngest daughter. Mandy nodded with a big smile.

“It’s going to be so awesome!” she exclaimed. “High school’s going to be great! I hope there’s an artsy clique I can hang out with, but I’ll still talk to everyone,” she declared brightly. Marcie raised an eyebrow. She didn’t understand her sister’s enthusiasm about large, crowded places. She had never liked high school; mostly because she still remembered how horribly everyone had treated her while she was pregnant.


Thank the Goddess I’m out of that hell-hole, she thought to herself.

After the candles had been blown out, Marylee quickly rushed her daughters to the boutique and cosmetic centre to get new wardrobes and makeup. Josiah stayed home. He was happy with the way he looked.

Marcie took a while to decide what she wanted to wear. Now that she was a young adult, she wanted a new interest to show through in her clothing. Lately, the appeal of the pool and exercise equipment at the gym had caught her attention. She decided she’d really enjoy becoming more athletic and even hoped to become an astronaut one day. Sports Legends need to talk to way too many people, she reasoned with herself. The military is definitely the way to go for someone like me.

Marcie stepped out of the shop with her new look. Marylee smiled.

“You look very athletic, Sweetie. I think it’s a good look for you,” she told her daughter. “Mandy? How are you doing in there?” she called. Mandy was still in the changing booth.



“What do you think?” Mandy asked, stepping out where they could see her properly. Marylee’s and Marcie’s jaws dropped. Mandy Charm was a complete and total beauty! Her hair was swept back in a neat pony tail and her makeup accentuated her butterfly-shaped face and pouty lips. Her long eyelashes framed her stunning blue eyes perfectly and a tad bit of blush along her cheekbones gave her an angelic look. Her clothes suited her personality; funky and artsy. She wore a butterfly-print minidress with a magenta belt and matching leggings with platform shoes.


“Honey, you are positively gorgeous!” Marylee shrieked, throwing her arms around her daughter. Marcie couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy and pretended to rub her nose, but really, she was trying to hide her unfortunate long gap between her flat, wide lips and her nose. There was no denying Mandy was much prettier than her older sister.

Don’t be ridiculous! It’s not like Mandy grew up prettier to rub it in your face, Marcie. Get over it, she scolded herself. She put on a smile and hugged her sister. “You look great, Mandy,” she agreed.


Mandy looked down at her watch and let out a small shriek. “Crap! I’m going to be late for school if we don’t hurry up and get home right now!” Mandy ended up just making it onto the bus. It was about to pull out from the curb when Mandy leaped out of the cab, waving her arms to signal to the bus driver to stop and let her on.

“So now that you’re a young adult, what’s your ultimate goal in life?” Marcie asked Josiah later that day while they were seated on the couch together. Josiah grinned and pulled his girlfriend closer.


“Your mom’s actually inspired me to pursue a career in music,” he confided. “I’ve always been pretty artsy, but my dad would never let me paint or act or dance or write. He said it was sissy and wimpy and that’s why only girls should do those things,” he sighed, shaking his head. “I have this dream of becoming a Hit Movie Composer someday,” he grinned. Marcie kissed him.

“That’s a great goal to strive for,” she smiled. “I think we should go and get new jobs tomorrow. I’ll never become an astronaut by licking envelopes and answering telephones at the Day Spa and you need to get started on your big dream, too.”