Week 5: Saturday


Marcie stared at herself in the mirror with a smile. She loved her makeover! Behind her, Marylee smiled proudly.

“What do you think?” she asked. Marcie beamed.

“It’s awesome!” she declared, fingering her long blonde strands. She had spent hours sitting in a chair while the hair stylist inserted hair extensions. Marylee had assured her that as her hair grew to that length naturally, they’d remove the extensions, but the stylist did such a good job, you couldn’t even tell that Marcie had extensions.

Marylee sighed and shook her head. “I just don’t know why you insisted on that ratty old tee shirt.” Marcie rolled her eyes.

“Mom, it’s a vintage graphic tee. Those are completely in style again!” she protested.

“But Sailor Moon? Aren’t you a little old for that? Besides, that show hasn’t aired since a decade before you were born!”

“D’uh… that’s what makes it vintage, Mom,” Marcie laughed.

Apart from the shirt, Marcie had a completely new wardrobe. She sported matching pink denim shorts to go with her tee shirt and long pink-punk style gloves with white sandals. She had also gotten her makeup done and her mother had bought her a brand new pair of earrings.


When Marcie got back home, she couldn’t wait to show off her new look to someone, but unfortunately, there was no one around. Her mother had already seen her; she’d been the one to take her out to get the makeover, clothes and accessories, after all, her dad probably wouldn’t care much, and Mandy was too little to care about fashion. She shrugged and picked up her phone. Maybe Josiah isn’t busy today and wants to hang out, she thought to herself.

A gruff voice picked up the phone at his house. “Hullo? Whaddya want?” In the background, she heard a woman shouting at the speaker on the phone.


“For crying out loud, Beau! Can’t you be polite for once in your life?”

“Shut up, woman!” the speaker yelled back. Marcie cleared her throat.

“Uh, hi this is Marcie Charm. Is Josiah home?” she asked tentatively.

“Jus’ a sec,” the speaker grumbled. “BOY! GET OVER HERE! SOME CHICK WANTS TO SPEAK TO YA!”

“Hello?” Josiah’s voice came on the line.

“‘Some chick’?” Marcie snapped at him, angry by the comment. Josiah sighed.

“Oh, Marcie! Yeah, I’m sorry about that. That was my dad,” he explained. “It’s kind of a war-zone here. I’m glad you called. Listening to them was driving me nuts.”

“I bet,” Marcie agreed. She had only heard a minute of his parents’ arguing and it was already driving her nuts, too. “Say, did you want to hang out?”

“Uh, sure, but don’t you hate people?” he asked. Marcie shrugged.

“Well, yeah, but I don’t hate you,” she explained. “Want to catch a movie?”

“Sounds great. Anything to get out of here,” he told her enthusiastically. “I’ll meet you there in a few minutes.”

“Mom, Dad, I’m going to go hang out with Josiah!” Marcie yelled. “I’m probably going to head to work straight from the theatre so I’ll be home when my shift ends,” she informed them. Her parents watched her walk out the door, stunned. Christopher tentatively cleared his throat.


“Did she just say she’s going to… hang out? With someone? Like, socializing?” he stuttered. Marylee nodded.

“That’s exactly what she just said. It’s probably because she wants to show off her makeover to someone,” she explained. “I’ve heard her talking to that Josiah boy a lot on the phone in her room. They seem to get along.” Christopher shrugged.

“Well, I guess even anti-social people need at least one friend,” he replied.

Marcie saw Josiah waiting outside the theatre and ran over to say hello. Josiah’s jaw dropped when he saw her. “Woah! Marcie, you look… different,” he commented. Marcie frowned and put her hands on her hips.


“And just what is that supposed to mean?” she accused. Josiah threw up his hands and shook his head.

“No no no, I don’t mean it like that. I meant you look really different, but… good. Like, really good,” he corrected himself. Marcie smiled and blushed just a little bit.

“Thanks, it was kind of a birthday present from my mom,” she told him. “So who do you think’s going to make the honour roll this year?” she asked. Josiah thought for a moment.

“Well, the two of us, for sure,” he said. Marcie nodded. They were the top students in the school. Them making the honour roll was pretty much a given. The two of them chatted outside the theatre for a bit, which put Marcie in a bit of a cranky mood. All that fresh air made her shudder. Bug bites and allergens are so not cool! she thought to herself before dragging Josiah inside.


Later on, they came across a protest outside City Hall. Marcie and Josiah had no idea why they were protesting unicorns, but they had fun laughing at their idiocy all the same. Marcie looked at her watch and gasped.

“Dammit! I’m late for work. Sorry Josiah. I gotta run. Don’t let your parents drive you to insanity,” she winked with a smile. Josiah laughed.

“I’m already half-way there,” he admitted.


Marcie quickly found that she liked working. It gave her something to strive for other than school and she loved how important she sounded when she picked up the phone and said “Good afternoon! You’ve reached the Sharma Day Spa. This is Marcie speaking. How may I help you?” The only thing that bothered her was the fact that she didn’t seem to be getting closer to a promotion. She hoped she’d get one soon, otherwise she’d get anxious.


When she got home, the babysitter came up to her and gushed about how wonderful Mandy was. Marcie just shrugged. “Yeah, she’s cute I guess,” she replied nonchalantly. She paid the babysitter for her services, then went to find Mandy. She was using her potty chair. Marcie plugged her nose. “Gross. Now I have to empty that out. Thanks a lot, Mandy,” she sighed.

Mandy giggled and ran over to her sister when she was finished going pee and hugged her around the legs. “Marcie home!” she shouted. Marcie blinked in surprise.

“You can talk!” she exclaimed.

“Mommy teach me!” Mandy declared happily. Marcie shrugged.

“Well, at least I can have a proper conversation with you now. I’m going to go paint. Go play with your toys,” she told her.

“‘Kay!” Mandy chirped and ran off to play with her xylophone. Marcie grinned and shook her head. Her sister was annoying, but she could be cute sometimes.


“I got promoted!” Marylee shouted, bounding through the door. “I’m a Backup Vocalist! I make 129 simoleans an hour and I got a bonus of 1200 simoleans!”

Christopher, who had come home a few hours earlier, ran to greet his wife. “That’s wonderful! I got a 12 simolean raise today, too!”


“Awesome!” Marcie grinned. More money meant more house expansions, which was great news for the whole family, so Marcie was excited about her parents’ success, too. In fact, her parents were so excited about the added money in the bank that they decided to expand the house again.

It wasn’t a huge expansion, but they did knock out the partial wall between the kitchen and living room completely and extended the hardwood floor to accommodate a dining table near the kitchen. The living room looked much larger. They also finally bought a real dining room set and a brand new television. A big flat screen with high definition picture! Both Marcie and Mandy were excited about that one.