Hello again.

I’ve been trying to keep the author’s notes to a minimum. I know a lot of people find them annoying, but this was something that really needed to be pointed out.

In my previous author’s note, I informed you all that I had a new page for Custom Content Downloads. Unfortunately, I’ve had to remove that page, since I recently discovered that pages are static and cannot have new posts added to them. That fact kind of makes the page useless for Custom Content.

Instead, I’ve decided to post any new custom content I’ve created in my main blog where I’m recording The Charm Legacy, so if you visit the blog only to find custom content on the main page, don’t panic. It just means that the custom content was my most recent post and I am still posting The Charm Legacy on my blog, though I may have more than one post on a page as previews since adding the new custom content posts.

You can choose which posts you would like to see through two methods:

  1. The Categories section of the sidebar will have a category for each Charm heiress, author’s notes and custom content. If you’d like to see posts from a particular heiress pertaining to The Charm Legacy, click on the link with the appropriate heiress’ name and all posts with her as a young adult and onward will show up. Clicking on Author’s Notes will take you to all of the author’s notes and clicking on Custom Content Downloads will only show you posts with custom content that I’ve created for download.
  2. The Chapters and Author’s Notes page will have The charm Legacy, author’s notes and custom content downloads separated into sections. You can click on any link to a post and be taken directly to that particular post. I will try to update as soon as I post a new blog entry.

I hope this isn’t confusing for anyone and if you have a suggestion on how to set this up in a more organized fashion, please leave a comment.

Lastly, just two short notes concerning Chapter Ten: Growing Pains:

  • I realize there are hardly any screenshots for a few of the pages and that Week 5: Thursday’s screenshots are a bit random. I realized that I hadn’t taken enough screenshots while I was playing and had to spread the few that I had out over the span of five pages, while still trying to place them in places where they coincided with the story. This became nearly impossible to do after a while, and I apologize. I will try to take more screenshots from now on.
  • For anyone who is offended by the comments about children with divorced parents in this chapter, please remember that I was writing that particular scene from Marcie’s point of view and not my own, and Marcie and I have very different personalities. I do apologize if Marcie’s thoughts offended anyone, though.

Alright, it’s time to step out of the spotlight and get on with posting chapters and custom content for you.

Happy simming, simmers!