Set 1: Angelica, Susie, Tommy and Dill


Angelica Pickles: Tommy’s mean cousin.
Susie Carmichael: Angelica’s (sometimes) friend.
Tommy Pickles: Dill’s older brother, Chuckie’s best friend and Angelica’s cousin.
Dillan (Dill) Pickles: Tommy’s baby brother and Angelica’s cousin.

Set 2: Phil, Lil, Chuckie and Kimi


Phillip (Phil) DeVille: Lil’s twin brother.
Lilian (Lil) DeVille: Phil’s twin sister.
Chuckie Finster: Tommy’s best friend and Kimi’s step-brother.
Kimi Watanabe-Finster: Chuckie’s adventurous step-sister.

This complete cast of the main Rugrats characters comes in two sets. If you want them all, you’ll have to install both sets into your game. Sorry, but I won’t be posting individual characters. If you only want one or two characters out of a set, you’ll still have to download the entire set.

To download, go to the next page and follow the instructions.