Haha! Finally! It looks like Marylee is too busy taking care of her new baby, Mandy, to barge in on me while I’m trying to talk to you. Mandy sure is a cutie, though, isn’t she?

Just to be on the safe side, I’d better keep this short before Marylee finds out what I’m up to.

I’d like to make everyone aware of the new changes to the blog. Some changes are minor, but others are a lot bigger and I’d just like to make sure everyone knows about them and can use them for their own benefit.

  1. There is a brand new family tree posted, thanks to the amazing Photoshop skills of Tiari. This is the permanent family tree which will be staying on the blog, since I really like it. It’s both aesthetically pleasing and informative. It will be undergoing changes as more sims become part of the family or as sims die; in particular, the traits of deceased sims will show up on the family tree to allow you to see if your guesses about their traits during their lifetimes were correct. Otherwise, it will stay the exact same, unless Tiari comes up with technical improvements involving spacing, layout, colours, etc.
  2. The blog has a new page entitled Chapters and Author’s Notes. I’ve been receiving complaints that it’s very difficult to read through the chapters linearly (from the first chapter to the most recent). This page should fix that. On it, there are two categories; one for story chapters and one for author’s notes. Each category will have the complete list of blog entries in chronological order. I will try to update it every time I release a new chapter, but if I forget, feel free to let me know.
  3. There is a brand new Custom Content Downloads page up on the blog as well. I’ve just recently started dabbling in creating custom content for The Sims 3 and that page is where I’ll have my creations available for download. If you like one of my creations, feel free to leave a comment. I love reading them.
  4. I realized that there were a lot of unnecessary widgets cluttering up the sidebar of my blog. I decided to get rid of all the widgets that weren’t absolutely necessary or helpful to readers. I hope this is considered an improvement. Feel free to poke around the blog and explore all the new features I’ve just told you about. I love feedback, so leave comments wherever you can.

… Uh oh, I’d better go. I can see Marylee storming over here with Mandy in her arms. I guess having a new baby hasn’t stopped her from being possessive over her spotlight.

Happy Simming!