Week 4: Monday

Marylee woke up to sunlight filtering through the window and onto her face. It was a beautiful day. Yawning, she rolled over to kiss her husband and hear him wish her a happy birthday, but his side of the bed was empty. Marylee frowned and sat up. He’d better not have gone fishing without wishing me a happy birthday, first! she huffed to herself. She got out of bed and peeked in Marcie’s room; her crib was empty. Now Marylee was fuming. He took our daughter, too? She hates being outside and he took her anyway, and now I have no one to celebrate my birthday with! Feeling very angry and hurt, Marylee stomped into the kitchen to make herself breakfast, but strong arms grabbed her and tipped her over while she felt soft lips envelop her own. It left her dizzy and breathless, as Christopher’s kisses always did.She smiled. He hadn’t left to go fishing after all.

“Happy birthday, Sweetheart!” he told her. Looking around the kitchen, Marylee saw that he had decorated the room with a birthday cake and pink balloons… her favourite colour. She laughed and flung her arms around him.

“Thank you!” she told him. Behind her, Marcie sat in her high chair, giggling and clapping.

“I think she wants to see you blow out your candles,” Christopher smiled. Marylee walked over to the kitchen table where her cake was and thought about her wish for a moment before blowing out her candles, while her daughter and husband whooped and clapped in celebration.



“Congratulations, Honey! You’re a fully grown adult now!” Christopher told her, attempting to hug her, but Marylee pulled back.

Fully grown adult? I-I’m… middle-aged? Marylee gasped to herself in horror. She felt her once flawlessly smooth complexion and her eyes widened with panic when her fingers came across small grooves in her skin around her mouth. “Oh my Goddess! I have laugh lines! I’m so oooollllllddddd!!!” she wailed, her obnoxious high-pitched shrieking making Marcie scowl and cover her ears. Christopher sighed. He had suspected he’d have to deal with something like this. He knew he had married a snob and although he loved her anyway, Marylee’s self-absorption and obsession with her looks would always be a pet-peeve of his. He gently shook his wife’s shoulders to get her to calm down. He knew exactly what to say and how to act in these situations.


“What laugh lines? I don’t see a single wrinkle anywhere on this gorgeous face I’m looking at,” he whispered sweetly, pretending to examine her mouth, but really just setting up for a very romantic kiss. It worked. Marylee swooned and giggled at the praise, kissing him back. Crisis averted, Christopher thought to himself with satisfaction. Now would be the perfect time to give her her birthday present. “Happy birthday, Honey. You deserve this,” he told her, handing her a little envelope.

“What’s this?” Marylee asked, confused. Unsealing the envelope, Marylee gasped with delight. Inside were reservations for two at Little Cortisan’s Bistro, the nicest restaurant in Sunset Valley and Christopher’s place of work. “Chris! These must have been so expensive!” she squealed. She loved expensive things, but didn’t get them very often. Christopher laughed.

“I actually got a good deal on them. I told Gunther your birthday was coming up, and he said since I did such a good job working there and that the two of us were such good friends, he’d give me the reservations for half-price. I was so happy, because it meant I could take you somewhere nice. I thought we could go after Marcie’s next birthday since she won’t need taking care of by then,” he explained. Marylee hugged him.

“That sounds great! I haven’t had a fancy restaurant meal since I lived in Studio Town! This is wonderful!” she gushed.

“Now the only thing that will make it perfect is if you get that big promotion today,” Christopher reminded her. Marylee nodded enthusiastically. She hadn’t forgotten about that!

“Mmhmm,” she agreed. “More money in the bank and…” she leaned in to whisper in her husband’s ear since Marcie was still in the room “more baby making in the bedroom.” Christopher grinned and nodded.

Christopher helped clean up the balloons and cake, then left for work. Marylee was going to work on her guitar skill more when she remembered something Christopher had said that morning; I thought we could go after Marcie’s next birthday since she won’t need taking care of by then… Her baby girl was growing up so fast and she still didn’t know how to talk! What kind of parent lets their child grow up being a mute? Marylee rushed to her daughter’s room where Marcie was playing happily on her xylophone and picked her up. “Sorry, Sweetie, but you still have some skills to learn before your birthday,” she said.


At first, Marcie refused to utter a single word. Marylee assumed she was upset about having her peaceful solitude being broken, but soon, Marcie started to catch on to some words. She was actually about half-way to speaking complete sentences when Marylee’s carpool for work arrived. With a sigh at not being able to finish teaching Marcie, Marylee kissed her daughter goodbye. “Bye Honey. Be good for Marcel,” she told her.

Marcel showed up right on time for his babysitting duties and as usual, didn’t have much to do, other than empty Marcie’s kinder-potty and make sure she was fed and in her crib when she got tired.

At work, Marylee was called in to Stiles’ office. She left her lunch break with the band in the dressing room to go see him. “You asked to see me, sir?” she asked. Stiles chuckled.

“Sir? Now you’re being polite after I had to have security remove you from my office your first day here?”

“I can be rude if you’d like. I’m good at it,” Marylee only half-joked. Stiles outright laughed at this point.

“Oh, I know you are. Listen, as big a pain in my ass as you’ve been since starting here, I can’t deny that you’re good at your job; the best, in fact. I’ve never met any employee more ambitious in my career… or more stuck-up…” he grumbled. “Luckily, that combination is a requirement for the rich and famous and you’re on your way there. Congratulations, you’ve been promoted.”

Marylee jumped out of her chair with an ear-splitting squeal. “YES! YES YES YES!” she whooped in jubilation.

“Calm down! I’m not finished!” Stiles snapped. Marylee reluctantly quieted herself and sat down. “Now, you’ll need to choose which branch of the music career you want to pursue. The electric rock branch means more fame and more glitz and glamour, more screaming fans and rocking sold-out concerts, the whole six strings. The symphonic branch is a more elegant style. Not as much glitz and glamour, but all the high-class people in town will come to see your performances.”

“YAWN! BORING!” Marylee said out loud. “What’s the point of being in the music industry without glamour and recognition? Screw symphonic; I’m going with electric rock!” she said confidently. Stiles rolled his eyes.

“I figured you’d choose that as soon as I strung the words ‘glamour’, ‘rich’ and ‘fame’ together in the same sentence,” he told her. “You’re now a Lyricist. Now get out of my office; you make my head hurt,” he grumbled.

“Just watch; you’ll be grovelling at my feet once I’m a rich and famous rock star!” Marylee sniffed, flipping her hair back. She may be all about her family at home, but at work, she was ruthless and knew how to take exactly what she wanted. Stiles raised his eyebrows.

“We’ll see about that,” he said. As Marylee left and the door shut behind her, Stiles leaned back in his chair and gave a small chuckle. “I like that kid,” he muttered to himself. “She’ll go far.”

“Chris, I got promoted!” she yelled, bounding through the door. Christopher ran out to the living room to greet her.

“That’s great, Honey! I’m so proud of you!” he beamed, kissing her.

“I’m a Lyricist. I chose the electric rock branch; way more glamour and fame than boring symphonic,” she told him. “I got a bonus of 720 simoleans and… I make 100 simoleans an hour now!” she exclaimed. Christopher swept her up in his arms.


“That’s incredible! This is such great news!”

Marylee laughed and enjoyed reveling in the glow of her newly found success for a few minutes, but then her tone turned soft and arousing. “So… what do you say we celebrate my promotion and birthday with some baby-making?” she whispered. Christopher grinned and carried his wife to their bedroom, laying her gently on the bed.

“You read my mind,” he told her.