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Now, in regards to Chapter Four, I realize there are a few tiny grammatical errors/typos. I finished this chapter while I was half-asleep and under a lot of emotional stress, so my attention to detail slipped near the end and I apologize for that. This chapter was especially difficult for me to write, because the storyline triggered upsetting emotions for me, so if my writing was less than its usual quality, I apologize.

I’m actually surprised Marylee hasn’t barged in to kick me out of here, yet. I think she still has herself locked in her bedroom, crying. She’s taken the news of her pregnancy really hard.


“Oh! Christopher! What are you doing here?”

“Marylee sent me to ‘kick you out of her spotlight’, as she put it. I’m not going to, but I thought I’d come and let the readers know how she’s doing, anyway. I’m sure they’re concerned.”

“Go ahead. I’m sure they’re tired of me talking at them, anyway.”

“Uh, hi there, guys. As you probably already know if you’ve been following the story, I’m Christopher Charm (formerly Christopher Steel) and I’m Marylee’s husband. I know you’re all hoping for a happy ending for her; I am, too and I’m sure it’ll happen for her, but I wanted to let you know how she’s doing right now.

It seems like it’s going to be a difficult pregnancy. She keeps getting pains and dizziness and needs to lie down a lot. I keep telling her it’s the stress, but she just can’t calm down. It’s because we’re so young and we don’t have a lot of money, I think, but I’m trying to stay positive to keep her happy. I think we’ll be okay. We’re not rich, but we’re smart and know how to manage our money. We’ve put off buying lighting for the house and furnishing the living room, and adding to the kitchen in order to buy a crib and toys. I’m still fishing when I’m not working, but I worry when I’m not at home to take care of Marylee so I don’t go out for as long anymore.

Marylee really wants a girl. She says she’s always dreamed about passing on her legacy through only females. I think it’s a good idea, actually, but I’ll still be happy if it’s a boy. My grandmother told me when I was little that watermelon helps make sure you have a girl. I still don’t know how that can work, but it’s never failed in my family, so Marylee’s been eating as much watermelon as we can afford.

I’m hoping the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly. I want both my girls (hopefully) to come out of this happy and healthy.

I think I’m going to get back to Marylee now. Rubbing her belly seems to calm both of them down, so I think I’ll go do that for a while.

It was nice meeting you all. Take care, Ashleigh.”

“You, too, Christopher.”