The First Week: Tuesday

Marylee woke up bright and early the next morning, though it was so depressing to look around her completely empty lot and then notice all the beautiful mansions surrounding her. She had had a dream about Greg. She dreamed that he came looking for her in Sunset Valley and told her that he loved her and was stupid for letting her go and begged her to come back home with him because he couldn’t live without her. She almost believed it…

She realized she was crying and quickly wiped her tears away. He never loved you, she told herself. He liked your looks, the money you brought to his bar and the woohoo you gave him. That’s it. Move on… but it was hard to tell a broken heart to just move on.

She was hungry again, so she headed to the gym another time. She had a wonderfully warm and refreshing shower. The water seemed to wash away all her heartache for just a few minutes. She rummaged around in the fridge and found some cereal, and she sat down to have her breakfast.

“That is so fascinating!”

“Heh heh, nah not really. Nothing interesting about a guy moving to a new town.”

Marylee caught a few snippets of conversation. She glanced over and saw two young adults flirting with each other. The woman had long dark hair and was wearing gym shorts with a tank top. Marylee had never seen her before, but the man was much more interesting. He had rich brown hair that was casually swept out of his face and kind eyes with a strong jawline and pronounced facial features. He didn’t look too bad in the body department, either. Wow, he’s gorgeous! Marylee thought to herself, but then felt a pang of guilt for looking at someone other than Greg. She still felt like his girlfriend, even if he had broken up with her.

She almost continued to finish her breakfast and forget about the guy when a surge of indignant anger made her put down her spoon and march right over to him. To hell with Greg! He left me and obviously doesn’t want me in his life anymore, so why should I be alone and sad for the rest of my life because of that? He’s probably woohooing that bartender tramp he left me for right this second! she fumed. Ignoring the look of irritation the other woman gave her as she approached, Marylee smiled and introduced herself.


“Hello! I’m Marylee Charm. Perhaps you’ve heard of me? I’m quite a well-known singer in Greg Werthson’s bar in Studio Town. He’s a very big actor. I think his latest movie Richer Than You is actually playing at Sunset Valley’s theatre right now,” she smiled sweetly, shaking his hand.

“Ugh!” the woman made an irritated noise and stalked away, throwing her hands in the air.

The man watched her leave for a moment, shrugged, then returned his attention to Marylee. “Oh, uh, sorry I haven’t heard of you. I don’t really keep up with the celebrity news, but nice to meet you anyway. I’m Christopher Steel. I just moved here on my own so I don’t know a lot of people here, yet,” he smiled. Marylee melted inside as his smile seemed to make her knees wobbly. He had the most beautiful smile. It was so… romantic.

Marylee soon found out that he was single. She also gathered that he was an angler, friendly and a natural cook. He’s so lovely… she sighed to herself. He’s also just like me; a stranger in a new place. I think I could fall in love with this man. He doesn’t seem anything like Greg.

Marylee became so engrossed in chatting with Christopher that she lost track of time. It was always easy for her to get carried away talking to people. She loved socializing with as many people as possible and she had a knack for always knowing just the right thing to say to get people to like her. It came easily to her. She gasped when she looked at the time on her cell phone.

“Oh my gosh! Christopher, I so enjoyed talking with you, but I’m late for work. I have to go,” she panicked.

“No problem. Say, do you think I could have your number? I’d like to hang out again sometime,” he told her with another weak-in-the-knees smile. Marylee gladly input her number in his cell phone and he did the same with hers before she ran out of the gym and made her way to the theatre as fast as she could.

Luckily, her boss wasn’t too upset about her tardiness, but she didn’t manage to impress anyone all that much. She was informed that if she wanted anyone to notice her, she’d need to learn how to play the guitar. Guitar? I’ve never played an instrument. I’m a singer, but playing the guitar might actually be a lot of fun, she mused to herself as she headed home from work that day.

The first thing she did with her first paycheque was purchase a brand new hot pink leopard-print acoustic guitar. It was her favourite colour, too! Marylee spent a bit of time plucking at the strings to try and get a feel for the music. It didn’t seem like something she could catch onto quickly, but she knew with enough practice, she’d improve.


The First Week: Wednesday

Marylee slept in the next day, but was thankful that it was her day off. One day of work had exhausted her. As usual, she headed to the gym first to eat and shower. She sincerely hoped that no one would notice that she came here every day just to eat and clean herself up. She still hadn’t told anyone about her living arrangements. It was horribly humiliating. She hoped she’d have at least a tiny little house before Christopher asked to see where she lived.

She decided to work on her guitar skill a bit more and played for hours. It really was a lot of fun, even if she wasn’t catching on very quickly. By the time she had gotten tired of practicing, she had learned three compositions. Ha! In your face, Greg! I’m more than just a pretty singer! she thought smugly.


She didn’t really have anything in particular to do and she couldn’t stop thinking about Christopher, so she gave him a call.

“Hey Christopher. It’s Marylee. I’m at the gym and wanted to know if you wanted to meet me.”

“Oh hi Marylee! Sure, that sounds great! I’ll be right over.”

Christopher soon showed up and he and Marylee enjoyed a few hours of flirting. Marylee was good at it. I love flirting! It makes me feel so good about myself! Plus, flirting can lead to romance, and I love romance, she smiled to herself as she gazed lovingly into Christopher’s handsome eyes.

“I think I’m really starting to fall for him…” Marylee sighed happily as she snuggled herself into bed for the night. When she was with him, he eased the pain in her heart over Greg and made her feel special again. It was so nice to feel like she was worth something again.

The First Week: Thursday

Still in a state of bliss over Christopher, Marylee woke up in a wonderful mood. Nothing seemed to bother her today. Even the sight of her lone bed in the middle of her empty lot and all the beautiful homes surrounding it couldn’t put her in bad spirits today! Christopher seemed to bring out a better side in her.

As always, she went to the gym to shower and eat. She was actually starting to like it there. The pumped up atmosphere always made her feel good, and besides, she’d need to spend a lot of time here to keep her body looking thin and beautiful once she was a superstar!

She felt really good about today. She was never the lucky type who simply woke up knowing it was going to be a good day, but today she couldn’t help feeling that something good was going to come her way. She’d been spending hours practicing the guitar and she thought she was good enough to be promoted. It always made her nervous when she didn’t get a promotion quickly enough. Now I just need to show up in a fantastic mood, she told herself. That certainly wouldn’t be a problem. She was on top of the world today.

Marylee headed off to work in an outstanding mood with outstanding guitar skills. She was delighted when she received a $3.00 raise! In truth , it was a measly reward, but she was so desperate to advance, she was willing to take anything. As the day wore on, Marylee slowly started to come down off her high and get moody. She really should have eaten something just before she left for work. Her grumbly tummy was making her grouchy. Three lousy simoleans? she fumed to herself. I left the fame and fortune of Studio Town for a three simolean raise and a hobo’s life? I’m an idiot! she scolded herself. These naive little peasants have no idea who they’re ordering around. They really need to pick up a copy of Simply the Most Beautiful Sims once in a while…

“Hey Marylee! The boss just said you got a promotion to Roadie! Congrats!” her co-worker Zelda Mae yelled out as Marylee was walking out the door at the end of her shift.


“What? Really?” she asked. Zelda Mae nodded and winked before chasing after one of the band members with a juice box, ready to give it to her the moment she snapped her fingers.

Marylee was so excited she almost went straight to Christopher’s house to tell him the good news before realizing that it was almost 9:30pm and she didn’t want to wake him up in case he was an early sleeper. She decided it could wait until tomorrow.

The First Week: Friday

Marylee was going to go visit Christopher at his house before work started to tell him the good news. He had input his address into her phone, too, but when she checked his Simbook status, it said he was out at the library, so she headed there, instead. It was close to the theatre anyway, so she could walk there quickly.

She hadn’t followed Christopher to the library just to chat. Marylee was on a confidence-high from her new promotion and raise and her growing interest in Christopher. She could now call him her friend, but she knew she wanted much more than that. He made her feel whole again; like she really was more than just some ditsy bar singer who could be used for woohoo and income. He made her feel like she had worth, and all he had to do was smile at her.

She found him reading a book in one of the armchairs in the main foyer and walked up to him. “Hey there!”

“Marylee! Hi!” he smiled, putting his book down and getting up to greet her. “You look great today! What’s up?”


“Things are starting to look up for me lately, that’s all. I hope they get even better,” she said, giving him a flirtatious look. Telling him about her promotion wasn’t all that important right now. She knew exactly what she wanted to accomplish today.

“That’s great. I’m glad to hear that. I hope things get better for you, too.”

Marylee used her flirtatious charms to the full extent of her ability and soon, Christopher could barely keep his hands off of her. He kept rubbing her arm and moving close enough to breath along her neck. It sent shivers through her body and made her heart feel warm.

“Christopher… I have something to tell you,” Marylee told him softly, smiling shyly and batting her eyelashes. “I’ve been attracted to you the second I first saw you at the gym when I came here. I know it hasn’t been that long, but you make me feel whole again. I just got out of a bad relationship and I thought it would take years to recover from it, but you make me feel so happy. You ease all the hurt and make it easier,” she mumbled, going red. She hadn’t told anyone here about Greg, either.

“I’m glad I’ve been making things easier for you, Marylee. The truth is, I think you’re really amazing. I don’t know who the idiot who let you go is, but he’s sure missing out on a hell of a woman,” Christopher smiled. Marylee giggled and blushed. What a compliment! She was flattered!

“So, you wouldn’t run away on me if I asked to make things official?” she asked tentatively. She hoped she wasn’t pushing her luck too far.


“I think I’d want to come a lot closer, actually,” Christopher whispered, embracing her. “Now go to work. You’re already late,” he winked, letting go of her and tapping his watch.

“You’re right!” she groaned. “I’ll see you later!” she yelled back to him as she ran out the door.

“Count on it!” he called after her.

At work, Marylee couldn’t stop thinking about her new boyfriend. It still hurt to think about moving on from Greg, but she knew she had to learn to stop loving him at some point and Christopher made her feel special in a way that Greg never did. She felt like a person and not a decoration for the first time in a long time.

At work, her boss gave her a book called Life on the Hard Rocky Road to read. He said that now she was starting to tag along with the band, she needed to know the ins and outs of life on the road. He told her he’d be really impressed and move her up the line to another promotion if she read it. Marylee was never all that fond of books. Why read books when you can watch them in movies, acted out by beautiful celebrities? She really did want another promotion, though, so she agreed and started reading as soon as she got “home”.


She really wanted to finish the book that night, but was stupid and accidentally read her other book on Charisma that she had brought with her from Studio Town instead for three hours before realizing she was reading the wrong book. I’m not a ditz! I blame it on fatigue! she told herself indignantly, but still feeling rather foolish. By the time she had pulled the right book out and started reading, she could barely keep her eyelids open, so she gave up and just collapsed on her bed. It was almost 4:00am.

Instead of Greg, Marylee’s dreams were filled with Christopher that night. It made for lovely dreaming and a very peaceful night’s sleep.