Greetings, fellow Simmers!

Welcome to my Legacy Story, where you will follow the life of Marylee Charm and her descendants. Marylee is in a bit of a huff right now. She’s upset that her story hasn’t been featured in a proper book with bestseller royalties, so she refuses to come out and introduce herself to all of you.

I’m sure once she sees you all gathered here to meet her, she will gracefully stride forth to revel in the glory of her fame amongst her fans. Just give her time to take her nose out of the air.

Of course, I would never leave you without anything at all to read, so I’m going to explain to you the way I’m planning on carrying out my Legacy.

Pinstar has three optional rules for his Legacy Challenge. His Challenge will be the one I’m participating in. These three optional rules are:

  1. Family Trait: If you choose to do so, you can incorporate a Family Trait into your Legacy. A Family Trait is one trait that your founder has which you will choose to pass on to each heir. You can only pick one surviving trait from the founder. For example, if your founder is a bookworm and you choose that trait to be the Family Trait, you must carry the bookworm trait through all of the heirs and spares. This is the only exception to the randomize traits rule for all heirs and spares. As my own personal rule, I’m going to write all the randomized traits on slips of paper, put them in a hat, shake the hat well and then withdraw which trait I will be replacing with the Family Trait. This will stop me from automatically choosing the worst trait to replace all the time.
  2. Patriarchy/Matriarchy: This rule gives you the option of having a matriarchal legacy or a patriarchal legacy. All heirs in your Legacy Family must be of one gender, either male or female throughout the entire line.
  3. Story Telling: You may choose to share your Legacy story with others via a weblog or personal website, or even The Sims 3 Studio, so other Simmers can follow your Legacy with you.

I’ve decided that I’m going to apply the Family Trait rule to my Legacy. I think it will really mark my Legacy family as unique and create a common bond throughout all the generations. I’m going to carry the Ambitious trait as my Family Trait; however, this is the only trait of any of my sim characters I will explicity reveal to you. You will have to guess the rest of their traits by analyzing their personalities throughout the story. I think that’s much more fun.

I’ve also decided to have a Matriarchal Legacy Family. All heirs from my founder and her descendants will be female. As my own little personal rule, the heir will always be the first-born female. If my first-born female for some reason dies prematurely, the heir will move to the second-born female and so on. Even if a male child is born first, he will not be eligable to receive the title of heir nor will there ever be a way for him to, unless all female heirs die (which is extremely unlikely). My reason for this is simple: I’m a feminist and I think if women ran every family, we’d have less broken and disfunctional families in the world (I didn’t say “none”,  I said “less”). It’s just nice seeing women in charge of things for a change. I do not hate men. I just think that more women should be in positions of power and authority and actually be taken seriously. Another little rule of my own is that I will try not to move out any sims from the Legacy House. This will be difficult to do as more generations are born, so I’m placing a two child limit on every generation. This also means having my pregnant founder and heirs eat a lot of watermelon throughout their pregnancies to give birth to girls. In the event both children are male, I will have my founder/heir keep trying for a female, but I sincerely hope this situation doesn’t occur as it will cramp and possibly max out the Legacy House.

As for Pinstar’s third optional rule, I am obviously sharing my Legacy Story, hence the purpose of this weblog.

Just one moment. I can see Marylee poking her head out from behind her bed in her empty lot, waving to me. I’d better see what she wants.

……………………………………………………   …    ……   ……  ..   ……   ………

Sorry about that little disruption, but I have returned with fantastic news! Marylee has finally agreed to come out of indignant hiding and introduce herself. I knew she could never pass up an opportunity for fame and recognition for long. The sight of all of you here waiting to meet her must have made her positively salivate with longing to be in the spotlight.

She’s just informed me that she’ll need to freshen up and reapply her makeup before she makes her grand appearance. She also demands a non-fat half-caf strawberry latte with a cinnamon swirl and a fruit parfait…

Please check back to meet Marylee Charm within the next day or two. I’m sure she’d be quite upset if her fans deserted her before she was ready to meet them. She also has a frighteningly high-pitched wail that I would really like to avoid subjecting my eardrums to, so do please return.

You may also check The Sims 3 Legacy Blogs thread to check for updates to The Charm Legacy.

Until then, happy Simming!