A Broken Heart

“I thought you loved me, Greg…” Marylee whispered, tears splashing her white stage dress, leaving dark droplets among the flashy sparkles of the garment. Her heart was being broken.

“Look doll face, a man like me needs… variety… spice, something you ain’t got, that’s for sure,” Greg said, taking another drag off his expensive foreign cigar. “Now pack your things and get outta my bar,” he said coldly, flicking a fragment of lint off of his designer suit. Marylee left a pink mark on his cheek from where she slapped him.

“Fine! See how well your bar does without a singer!” she spat. “Go ahead, run your booze, you big dope… and I hope you drown in it!” she screamed, picking up her bag and heading out the door.

Now what? Marylee thought to herself. The apartment above the bar had been her home. The bar itself had been her job. Now she had neither. The bright city lights blinded her and she shielded her heavily made-up face from the glare. “That’s it,” she muttered determinedly to herself. “This dirty rat hole has given me nothing but cheap booze and heartache. I’m going to make a new life for myself out in the suburbs!” she said aloud as passersby on the street gave her strange looks. With the heels of her shoes clicking loudly on the sidewalk, but being drowned out by the sounds of the traffic, Marylee set off on her own.

Hailing a cab and climbing inside, she handed the driver thirty simoleans, wiping her eyes. “As far away from here as you can get,” she told him. The cab driver nodded and began his journey. Marylee allowed her tears to dissolve the foundation on her face as she stared out at the dark sky that was lit with thousands of city lights. The man she loved had turned out to be a conceited jerk. Those rich celebrity types were all the same. Marylee should have known better.

“Happy birthday to me…” she mumbled sadly.

Arriving in Sunset Valley

“Uh, excuse me sir, but where are we?” Marylee asked anxiously, peering out the window of the cab. She had fallen asleep after crying herself to exhaustion and woke up to see a brand new place outside of her window. It seemed as though she had been taken straight to Pleasantview. I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as Pleasantview, but if there was, this place would be it. Everything’s so happy and… well, pleasant, Marylee chuckled to herself.

“Sunset Valley, Miss. Far away from the city, jus’ like you asked,” the cab driver replied. “This place is perfect for newcomers. There’s plenty o’ empty lots around, just waitin’ to be bought and built up.”

Marylee thanked the driver and got out of the cab in front of city hall. I wonder if there’s room for a famous star here? she wondered. The glitz and glamour of the good life was something Marylee already missed. She could see it now: the big mansion, her name known all over the world, screaming fans following her wherever she went. Marylee sighed to herself with a smile. Yes, that was the life for her.

Reality Check

Unfortunately, Marylee forgot that in order to live like a star, she needed to actually be a star, first. Getting far ahead of herself, she foolishly spent all her money on the biggest lot in town. The money she had left over was only enough for a bed.

“I’m a h-hobo!!!” Marylee wailed, flopping down on her creaky rusted bed and sobbing.

The First Day: Monday

Marylee spent the rest of her first night in Sunset Valley wallowing in self-pity. It was hard not to miss the luxurious lifestyle and recognition she had before. It made everything harder when her heart had been shattered into a million tiny fragments. When she allowed herself to think about Greg, she couldn’t breathe. She felt like she was dying. She’d been used as a trophy and as soon as a shinier, prettier trophy came along, she had been thrown away without a thought.

As much as it hurt, she knew she couldn’t remain in this cocoon of despair forever. She could have that big mansion with her name in flashing lights all over town, but she wouldn’t get it by sitting in her empty lot, crying.

The next morning, Marylee wasted no time in heading to the theatre to get a job in the entertainment industry. Despite her obvious charm and grandiose ego, Marylee was given the lowest position available.

“A fan! A stinking fan! This is an outrage! Do you know who I am? I am Marylee Charm, the most well-known, talented bar singer in Studio Town! This is a complete waste of my talent!” she screeched, but was promptly escorted to the door by security, lucky to still have the job she had just received. “I’ll show them,” she muttered. “I can climb my way to the top of any career faster than anyone I know. I’ll be a superstar before they know it!”

A sudden pain in her stomach made her wince. She just remembered that she hadn’t eaten in over twenty-four hours, but she had no money for food. It looked like she would have to gather her own food. Like a barbarian, Marylee sniffed haughtily to herself.

She tracked down another cab and asked the driver to take her to a place where she could gather some of her own food. The driver took her the Science Facility and handed her a fishing rod from the cab’s trunk. Marylee gave her a blank stare.

“Um, what is this contraption for?”

“For catching fish. It’s a fishing rod. Geeze lady, where do you come from?” the cab driver snorted. “There’s a little garden that usually has some vegetables and fruit ready to harvest here and there’s a big pond for catching fish. The scientists don’t seem to mind people coming and nicking a few apples and fish now and then,” she shrugged. “See ya.”

Marylee groaned. Barbarians scavenged for their food! What was she doing here? Her stomach gave another protest, and with a resigned grumble, Marylee dragged herself to the big pond behind the facility to catch some fish.

The light shimmered on the water beautifully and she could see several brightly-coloured fish leaping out of the water, but no matter how hard she tried, no fish would bite. Fed up, Marylee threw her fishing rod on the ground and stomped away. She had no patience for the activities of ruffians.

Remembering the cab driver saying that there was fruit to be picked here, Marylee spotted a small garden near the road with plenty of lettuce, grapes and apples ready to be harvested. Marylee excitedly bounded over at the thought of eating fresh fruit and plucked away until there was nothing left for anyone else. Well, who cares? I need it! she reasoned with herself.


Munching on her finds, Marylee quickly realized that this would not be enough food to sustain her, as delicious as the fresh fruit and vegetables were. She resolved to find a place with a more constant food source soon. Marylee took a sniff of herself and shuddered. High class Studio Town bar singers should not give off an odour of anything other than perfume, and this was definitely not a pleasant perfumed scent she was smelling. There must be a gym with showers around here somewhere… Marylee pondered to herself and caught another cab.

She stepped inside the 28 Hour Wellness Gym and was delighted to discover that not only were there showers, but a fridge and two fully functioning juice bars as well! Better yet, all the drinks and snacks were free and she didn’t have to go digging through the dirt like a neanderthal to get it, either! Marylee happily showered and ate until she was stuffed. She wasn’t worried about gaining weight, because there was a big pool just a few steps away and exercise equipment just upstairs.


Tired out from her move the previous day, and her adventures around Sunset Valley today, Marylee went back to her lot and snuggled into bed for the night. She had to be at work at 3:00pm the next day. She was determined to climb her way to the top quickly and make enough money to build a house with a functioning fridge, stove and shower. She drifted off to sleep, dreaming about the day when she would no longer be homeless.